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Recycled art- belt bracelets and paper bead earrings

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday day Morning 🙂 To start the week off, I thought I would show you what I have been up too! It is no secret that I LOVE repurposing things. You know my motto- recycle, repurpose, and reuse.

So, when Christy Tomlinson was offering an online class on turning old belts into bracelets. I had to join the class. It has been fun for the boys and I to thrift shop for belts.

Here are a few that I have made.

beltbracelets copy

I am sad that I can’t make anymore bracelets until I get more snaps. I ordered more this weekend. Making these is so addicting!

The next thing in my recycled bag of tricks is paper bead earrings. What I did with these two pairs of earrings is gelli art print some for the boys old homework.  I love these earrings since they are super light weight and so pretty!

greenbluepaperbeadearrings copy tealblackpaperbeadearrings copy


Hope you have enjoyed seeing my recycled projects! STAY GREEN, my friends!

Thanks for stopping in 🙂



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Bead Soup 2nd Reveal

Good Saturday Morning everyone! Welcome to the Bead Soup 2nd Reveal blog hop. Oh my goodness, all the wonderful and inspiring pieces you are going to see today! It’s so exciting! First, I want to remind you all that Lori Anderson uses her special magical powers to put this all together for us all! Thank you so much Lori! Each time, I have done a Bead Soup…I feel I have grow and been challenged! LOVE IT!

My soup partner was Kat Douglas. She totally spoiled me and sent me so many goodies. So, please make sure you stop over and see what she did with the soup I sent her!

Kat sent me so many beads, I did 4 projects! WOO HOO! She totally spoiled me!

First up,  Cats meow



The second project is part of a series taken from science. A necklace called under the scope

under the scope necklacewm necklaceunderthemicroscopewm


A pair of earrings, molecules



The final piece and my favorite a called triple slice

tripleslicewm tripleslicebraceletwm


Here is the list of more gorgeous goodness.  Go look at them and sip some coffee, relax and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping in to look at my creations!




Stitched peyote

Last week Tracey and I took a class at our local bead store Meant to Bead. Judith taught us how to make a craftsman cuff bracelet. It uses a  peyote stitched base that is embellished.  We had a ton of fun!

Here is the one I made in class: I call it Peacock


Then once I got home from class, I had to make another one giving it my own spin: I call this one Across the Ocean



Here is a shot of it on my wrist.


Hope everyone has a creative Monday and week! I am planning to work in my studio and do some painting today! Thank you so much for taking the time to check in with me.



Like Blue Bloom Bracelet

Today, I am here to show you a new bracelet I made. I used a piece of metal that I enameled a while back. I hand cut it too! When I made cut and enameled the piece, I thought it would make that it would be perfect for a bracelet.  With fall around the corner, I will be able to get back to do something enameling!





Sometimes when things look gray, we have to see the positive



Hope everyone has a long, fun, family filled labor day weekend. Thanks so much for stopping in to visit!




Today, I spent sometime just exploring! Sometimes it is just what you need to do!  You know what I mean? I am sure you do!

Here is the Knotted Button bracelet, I made:

Trying out knotting and making new clasps!

Hope your staying cool it is very HOT here in WI! Take care!




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What’s new in your heart?

Today, has been very productive so far! Go boys off to summer school, did my assignments for the Junk Mail Artist Book and then headed to my studio to work a little.

First here is my JMAB- today we got to assemble our books and bind them. 3 books all ready for drawing and painting! SMILE!

We love with all our hearts but sometimes that can cause some pain. After you have let all that grief out you have to open your heart back up to let the “new” in!

So here is my memory wire cuff bracelet- What’s new in your heart?

In my Etsy shop if you are interested.

Thanks for stopping in today!


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Sometimes we think things are way more difficult then they are, so we don’t try them! That is how I felt about glass etching, but I was seeing all these neat things with glass etching and I wanted to try it! Locked and loaded with my Hobby Lobby coupon off, I went! I got the glass etching cream and contact paper from the dollar store.

Once, I got home I got busy with my punches. I found out that the smaller punches work better than the larger ones. I think you read/hear how artist say you have to make it your own all the time. So, that is what I did.

Here are my projects: First a sweet and simple pendant- with an etched butterfly and the word brilliant on it!

Then I turned up the heat a little with this one:

I used one of my collages and etched stars on the glass.

Glass etching turned to be pretty simple and fun! I can’t wait to do some more!

One last thing, I want to show you a sweet and simple bracelet I made.

The vanilla flower is a button that was a gift from my friend Erin K.

Hope your day is sweet and simple!

Tomorrow is the last day of school! I think, I am counting down just as much as the boys!


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***Serving up vows and proof***

Here it is Monday, and I have hit 500 blog post! WOO HOO! That seems so crazy good to me! So, in honor of my 500th Blog post. I am going to give aways a couple things! As, my  boys like to say is that 2 or more Mama? It is 2 today! I wanted to do more, but I wanted people that are overseas to be in on the action too!

The first item up for grabs is this new fun bracelet inspired by Heather Powers memory wire cuff bracelets. I finally broke down and got a bead spinner. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! These bracelets are so much fun to make.

“Colbalt Winged Vow”

The finally item is a collage scrabble tile pendant.

” Journey testament”

So, to get entered in for one of the above piece, just leave me a comment on what your favorite position in baseball is? Can you tell, I asked my boys for a question! LOL! (Once the give-away is over the answer will become a math problem) My favorite position is catcher 🙂

The give-away will end next Monday May 28th! Good luck!

Thanks for stopping in 🙂


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Today, is my RANDOM day….my plans yesterday got short tailed  (is that what they say?) when the my sons school called to say my oldest was sick. He has a bad headache and stomach ache. So, off I went to get him. ENDING my plans for the day.  Poor boy, so this mama got to cuddle with her 8 3/4 year old son (gosh how can he be 9 in a couple of months?)

So, I did not get anything done on my list….and today he felt some better but not great…wanted to go to school. So off he went…..I hesitate to get knee deep into projects in my studio…thinking the phone will ring then. Therefore, I am doing random little things around the house.

In the spirit of my RANDOM day, I thought I would share some fun random things about me.

1. I am madly in love with the Japanese Culture. On Sunday, my BFF Chelsea and I went to a Japanese grocery store not once but twice! LOL! The Japanese grocery is like no other you have been too. They have a book store, travel agent, cell phone place, dinnerware place, food court, liquor store, bakery, etc…. Chelsea and I spent 30 minutes in the book store part of the store and before you ask me- neither one of us can read or speak Japanese!

Here are some  photos from what we saw and I purchased. I forgot my camera (SHOCK) so Chels took these with her iPhone!

The crab was filled with this Chocolate pudding. YUMMY!

So treats for the boys. The green and blue molds are for hard boiled eggs! So, much fun!

Owl rice bowl just had to come home with me.

2.  If I love a company/person/product online and I meet them in real life and they are jerks. I STOP using their products.  I believe you should be the same person online as in person. NO BUTS!

Chelsea and I went to Amuse Studio’s on the Road on Sunday too. I got meet the CEO- Linda and her lovely daughter.  OMG- Linda is more awesome in person that I can tell you.  Made me love Amuse Studio’s even more.

Here are some of the project we did. I am missing one since, I left it in Chelsea’s car.

This is my favorite one:

3. When given a straw for my drink. I peel off a section in the center than take off each end. How do you do it?

4. I hate to drink coffee/cappuccino from the cups from the gas station. I have to have it in a mug.

5. I could eat almost every meal out of a bowl.

I guess, I will stop a 5 since my RANDOM post got super long…SORRY!

Oh one more thing. I made one of those uber cool wrap bracelets, last night while indulging in a little Days of our Lives ( I have watched it since high school, sad but true). Super fun and easy

Thanks for stopping in to visit! Your comment brighten my day!