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Bead Soup 2nd Reveal

Good Saturday Morning everyone! Welcome to the Bead Soup 2nd Reveal blog hop. Oh my goodness, all the wonderful and inspiring pieces you are going to see today! It’s so exciting! First, I want to remind you all that Lori Anderson uses her special magical powers to put this all together for us all! Thank you so much Lori! Each time, I have done a Bead Soup…I feel I have grow and been challenged! LOVE IT!

My soup partner was Kat Douglas. She totally spoiled me and sent me so many goodies. So, please make sure you stop over and see what she did with the soup I sent her!

Kat sent me so many beads, I did 4 projects! WOO HOO! She totally spoiled me!

First up,  Cats meow



The second project is part of a series taken from science. A necklace called under the scope

under the scope necklacewm necklaceunderthemicroscopewm


A pair of earrings, molecules



The final piece and my favorite a called triple slice

tripleslicewm tripleslicebraceletwm


Here is the list of more gorgeous goodness.  Go look at them and sip some coffee, relax and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping in to look at my creations!



39 thoughts on “Bead Soup 2nd Reveal”

  1. Ooh, I just love the bracelet, what a great patina! They all are stunning, my friend, hugs ❤

  2. They’re all gorgeous pieces. I love what you did with the turquoise rings – filling them with seed beads, that was amazing and using them as components for a bracelet. Have a great weekend.

  3. Very creative and scientific 😉
    You made me see patina in a new light, K!

  4. Georgeous bracelet, I like the patina toogle in combination with the beaded items!

  5. Wow! I would never in a million years thought of using the chain links as frames, to me what you created looks like cell membranes with all the little organelles inside. It is all so beautiful. And the science theme is just perfect. Most excellent.

  6. I am a cat person so I am in total love with the Cats Meow necklace 🙂 I also love the scientific pieces – love that bracelet for sure!

  7. Triple Slice is my favorite too! You had so many piece to work with and what you did is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  8. Only you could have come up with such beautiful pieces! Your colors are phenomenal, the use of the links on the bracelet is so creative. What a wonderful way to think outside the box!! I want to steal the bracelet away from you!! Beautiful work, as always.

  9. I love the first piece in perticular and would wear it in an heartbeat ! Cat’s meow indeed 🙂

  10. Beautiful pieces1 The bracelet is my favorite.

  11. I love the last bracelet, so striking and bold. Love the deep blues in the second necklace and the delicacy of the first piece.

  12. I am with you….I love your triple slice bracelet with the gorgeous patina. I also found those connectors interesting that you attached to your sari ribbon. I don’t think I am seen those before. Lovely use of your soup! Kristin Oppold

  13. Love the originality of your pieces, you did the best out of your soup!

  14. ~beautiful unique pieces you haev created…your bracelet at the end is gorgeous…much love light and blessings~

  15. Love your extravagant use of color, and, yep, Triple Slice is my favorite, too!

  16. Your bracelet made my favs list for the second reveal. Check it out:

  17. I love all your pieces, especially the earrings.
    I’m on the 3rd reveal, for the 3rd time partecipating…what fun BSBP!
    ciao dall’Italia

  18. These are beautiful pieces. Bead weaving –love it. Yes these hops are a lot of fun. Great job!

  19. Wowza, you blow me away with your talent. I’m really in love with everything, but that bracelet–wow.

  20. I love the first necklace and the detailed work of seed beads to sew the fiber by the clasp is a beautiful touch! Great job!

  21. What fun! I was joking the other day about a component I was using looking like the structure for butane.. I confess science nerd. Your gorgeous braclet needs some latin-a-fying for some sort of exotic fish species tribeadiolus wiskertogglus or some such 🙂

  22. That under the scope necklace and the slice bracelet are so very cool! Of course, all four of your creations are beautiful works of art.

  23. The earrings are wonderful, but I think I’m with you — Triple Slice is my favorite! Lovely work all around.

  24. Fantastic pieces! I love the colors, it’s all so beautiful♥

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