Genuinely Jane Studios

Genuinely Jane Studios- Guest Designer

Happy May day everyone! This month, I am the guess designer for  Genuinely Jane Studios.   I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Don’t know what Genuinely Jane Studio is? They have dozens of different styles of natural birch wood albums plus complimentary products.  I have to say that I am in LOVE with the wood books. They are so much fun.

Here is my first project. I used the the bird book (G014), Artistcellar – Tortoise 6″ x 6″ stencils and Artistcellar- Star Coral 6″  x 6″ stencil.  



This is the cover. I put 2″ x 2″ zentangles on each bird along with a uplifting word and eye.

dreambird hopebird joybird kindbird peacebird proudbird strongbird zenbird


Here is a side video of the book



This was a simple fun project and a great way to show off some zentangles. Thanks for taking a peak. Please check out all the cool stuff at Genuinely Jane Studios. Trust me you will not be disappointed.



3 thoughts on “Genuinely Jane Studios- Guest Designer”

  1. Good golly Miss Molly, is this ever cute. I love how you decorated each bird. Your zentangles rock! Let’s see more tangles from you!

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