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Recycled art- belt bracelets and paper bead earrings

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday day Morning 🙂 To start the week off, I thought I would show you what I have been up too! It is no secret that I LOVE repurposing things. You know my motto- recycle, repurpose, and reuse.

So, when Christy Tomlinson was offering an online class on turning old belts into bracelets. I had to join the class. It has been fun for the boys and I to thrift shop for belts.

Here are a few that I have made.

beltbracelets copy

I am sad that I can’t make anymore bracelets until I get more snaps. I ordered more this weekend. Making these is so addicting!

The next thing in my recycled bag of tricks is paper bead earrings. What I did with these two pairs of earrings is gelli art print some for the boys old homework.  I love these earrings since they are super light weight and so pretty!

greenbluepaperbeadearrings copy tealblackpaperbeadearrings copy


Hope you have enjoyed seeing my recycled projects! STAY GREEN, my friends!

Thanks for stopping in 🙂



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Bead Soup 2nd Reveal

Good Saturday Morning everyone! Welcome to the Bead Soup 2nd Reveal blog hop. Oh my goodness, all the wonderful and inspiring pieces you are going to see today! It’s so exciting! First, I want to remind you all that Lori Anderson uses her special magical powers to put this all together for us all! Thank you so much Lori! Each time, I have done a Bead Soup…I feel I have grow and been challenged! LOVE IT!

My soup partner was Kat Douglas. She totally spoiled me and sent me so many goodies. So, please make sure you stop over and see what she did with the soup I sent her!

Kat sent me so many beads, I did 4 projects! WOO HOO! She totally spoiled me!

First up,  Cats meow



The second project is part of a series taken from science. A necklace called under the scope

under the scope necklacewm necklaceunderthemicroscopewm


A pair of earrings, molecules



The final piece and my favorite a called triple slice

tripleslicewm tripleslicebraceletwm


Here is the list of more gorgeous goodness.  Go look at them and sip some coffee, relax and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping in to look at my creations!



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Boundless Journey

This weekend, I was able to get away on a journey with a very special lady! We got in the car at 6:30 am and arrived back home at midnight. We causally made our way to Galena. Roaming around the streets of the down town and then we wandered back towards home. Stopping at any place we found interesting.  It was a great time. Even found my favorite ice cream Espresso Oreo! YUMMY!!!

What have I been up to creatively? I made a pair of earrings!


“Boundless Journey”

These teal butterflies really spoke to me with it being Sexually Abuse and Rape Awareness Month. One you are in the middle of sexually abuse you feel like you are in a boundless journey. Not knowing how to get out, you just keep floating in hope of finally being able to soar. I am hear to tell you that even with battered wings you can SOAR! Just believe and take one day at a time.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! Thanks for stopping in to visit!


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Daisy Mae

Yesterday, I got to spend the day with my SIL- Tracey. We had coffee and took a nature walk. I had a wonderful time.  After, I picked the boys up from school, I was telling them about the place we went. Of course,  they then wanted to go too! So, off we went for a nature walk

This was what they found in the stream:

Mr. Crayfish

Then last night, I had a vision of some earring…I wanted to try to make.

Here they are inspired from our nature walk:

Thanks for taking the time to stop in a visit! Your comment, sweeten my soul!


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Soup is ON…

Well, hello!!!!!  Today, is the day of the BIG reveal of what,  I did with the fabulous bead soup from my very talented partner Shea Zukowski of gr8findings. If you remember, Shea totally spoiled me ( thanks again, Shea). She sent me a ton of GORGEOUS beads.  So many in fact,  I was able to do three projects. YES, three!

So, lets get this party started! Lets start small with project number one.  A sweet and simple pair of earrings : “Moons of Saturn”

Next up is my favorite piece: ” Hazel K on a wing”

The only thing I added to the mix that Shea sent me was some sead beads in size 8.

Now we are to the BONUS round! DING DING DING!!!! Project number 3: ” Nature Walk”

Of course on the bonus, I had to use a few more things from my stash.Seeds beads, clasp, glass brown pearls, vintaj metal piece, and one of my handmade charms.

Now, please go check out what Shea did with the beads I sent her. I can’t wait to see. I know she did something outstanding. After you are done with her blog check out the others. Here is a link to all of the partners on Lori’s blog.

I would also like to thank Lori Anderson, for all her hard work with this enormous group (362). It’s a ton of work to partner and monitor all these folks! Thanks so much Lori! You totally ROCK!

Thank you for taking the time to come check out my soup. Enjoy the rest of the soups. Come back any time and see what I am cooking up! SMILE!


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Golden Abundance

The one thing I am missing most about being home from vacation is the sunsets. Each night we would drive up to the top of our family farm land to watch the sunset.It was such a wonderful, happy, peaceful time!

Here are some of my favorites:

Everyone has been asking me to do some earring…so here are some sunset inspired earrings:


Hope everyone’s day if for happiness. Thanks so much for taking time to visit and comment!



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What makes you cheerful ? Is it the big things in life that make you cheerful and happy? Like when you get something you have always wanted (material things)? Or is it the little things in life that make you happy? Like taking a walk and seeing a new kind of bird? Sometimes,  I think what makes us cheerful is a combination of the big things and the small things.  If you give respect to everyone for what makes them cheerful and happy the world would be a better place. Let people be who they are and enjoy what makes them happy.

Here are some of things that have made me CHEERFUL THIS WEEK:

Stamped nails done by me

New flower on one of my daylilies

Snowman Sam made in his art class

Painting Sam did in his art class

Going to the fair with my boys and good friends

Cheesecake from PhatPenguins Cheesecakes


Making some earrings!

Cheerful things are all around you if you take the time to look for them! Appreciate all the small things, they make life so much more meaningful.  If you believe it…it is possible.

Thanks for stopping in to visit with me! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂