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Boundless Journey

This weekend, I was able to get away on a journey with a very special lady! We got in the car at 6:30 am and arrived back home at midnight. We causally made our way to Galena. Roaming around the streets of the down town and then we wandered back towards home. Stopping at any place we found interesting.  It was a great time. Even found my favorite ice cream Espresso Oreo! YUMMY!!!

What have I been up to creatively? I made a pair of earrings!


“Boundless Journey”

These teal butterflies really spoke to me with it being Sexually Abuse and Rape Awareness Month. One you are in the middle of sexually abuse you feel like you are in a boundless journey. Not knowing how to get out, you just keep floating in hope of finally being able to soar. I am hear to tell you that even with battered wings you can SOAR! Just believe and take one day at a time.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! Thanks for stopping in to visit!


4 thoughts on “Boundless Journey”

  1. These are beautiful. Abuse of any kind makes you feel the same way. I am sure sexual abuse is even more personal. Its something not many find the courage to put out there. Girlfriend, you are soaring!

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