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Sometimes at night, I just set with my sketchbook and play (usually while watching a baseball game). I use to worry that each page had to be a masterpiece. Now, I know that each page doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. With each page you learn something new. Plus if you are having fun just playing around that is enough!

So, here is a peek into my sketchbook. I’ve started sketching again. It feels pretty good, I will tell you!

Then, of course a couple of watercolor pieces. I just love the peerless watercolor. They make it so you can watercolor just about anywhere.

Hope you find sometime to play today! Thanks for stopping in! Oh, and I am getting close to my 500th blog post since I moved to wordpress. So, I think middle of next week.I will be doing a giveaway! So be on the look out for that!



1 thought on “Frolic”

  1. Wow…. you are using SH!NE…. awesome! Don’t you see that word everywhere now?!!!!!! Love the bright colors… each picture you showed was totally different, but so you! Thank you so much for posting about mixed media…. I’m still learning… but you taught me how to start….making master pieces every time… means we’re not trying hard enough… to practice and learn! Thanks for sharing! :0)

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