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Daisy Mae

Yesterday, I got to spend the day with my SIL- Tracey. We had coffee and took a nature walk. I had a wonderful time.  After, I picked the boys up from school, I was telling them about the place we went. Of course,  they then wanted to go too! So, off we went for a nature walk

This was what they found in the stream:

Mr. Crayfish

Then last night, I had a vision of some earring…I wanted to try to make.

Here they are inspired from our nature walk:

Thanks for taking the time to stop in a visit! Your comment, sweeten my soul!


6 thoughts on “Daisy Mae”

  1. I agree with Cindi GF, those earrings are far more prettier than that crayfish but love the picture.

  2. I like that those earing are alike but not exactly the same 🙂 Have a great day Kim 🙂

  3. I recognize that sweet little flower 🙂 Love the earrings! Did that crayfish come home with you?? I am itching to get back to that peaceful place of tranquility. Hopefully early next week!

  4. Hello Kim, thanks for your comment. I’m taking my class at Jessica Sprague website. It’s for DSLR. It’s really great. Of course the picture I’ve put on my blog have been edited with Photoshop. I also took courses over their to learn what I used on this picture 🙂

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