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Sometimes we think things are way more difficult then they are, so we don’t try them! That is how I felt about glass etching, but I was seeing all these neat things with glass etching and I wanted to try it! Locked and loaded with my Hobby Lobby coupon off, I went! I got the glass etching cream and contact paper from the dollar store.

Once, I got home I got busy with my punches. I found out that the smaller punches work better than the larger ones. I think you read/hear how artist say you have to make it your own all the time. So, that is what I did.

Here are my projects: First a sweet and simple pendant- with an etched butterfly and the word brilliant on it!

Then I turned up the heat a little with this one:

I used one of my collages and etched stars on the glass.

Glass etching turned to be pretty simple and fun! I can’t wait to do some more!

One last thing, I want to show you a sweet and simple bracelet I made.

The vanilla flower is a button that was a gift from my friend Erin K.

Hope your day is sweet and simple!

Tomorrow is the last day of school! I think, I am counting down just as much as the boys!


3 thoughts on “Simple”

  1. Your da bomb! Awesome work. Your etching turned out so well. I never had any luck with it.

  2. Love the fact taht you used something from Erin in your project 🙂 HAve a wonderful day Kim 🙂

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