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What’s new in your heart?

Today, has been very productive so far! Go boys off to summer school, did my assignments for the Junk Mail Artist Book and then headed to my studio to work a little.

First here is my JMAB- today we got to assemble our books and bind them. 3 books all ready for drawing and painting! SMILE!

We love with all our hearts but sometimes that can cause some pain. After you have let all that grief out you have to open your heart back up to let the “new” in!

So here is my memory wire cuff bracelet- What’s new in your heart?

In my Etsy shop if you are interested.

Thanks for stopping in today!


5 thoughts on “What’s new in your heart?”

  1. I love it! You are doing a lot of so many different things! Your photography from tiny to big…. great! It is nice to hear of all your projects and your summer activities with your boys!!! Such a good mom!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy them….:0)

  2. Fabulous. Your art pages are pretty cool. I love the soft pastels. Your heart is terrific. Lots of love went into this project!

  3. Kim this looks really interesting. Can you do a tutorial post on how to create a JMAB?

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