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Today, is my RANDOM day….my plans yesterday got short tailed  (is that what they say?) when the my sons school called to say my oldest was sick. He has a bad headache and stomach ache. So, off I went to get him. ENDING my plans for the day.  Poor boy, so this mama got to cuddle with her 8 3/4 year old son (gosh how can he be 9 in a couple of months?)

So, I did not get anything done on my list….and today he felt some better but not great…wanted to go to school. So off he went…..I hesitate to get knee deep into projects in my studio…thinking the phone will ring then. Therefore, I am doing random little things around the house.

In the spirit of my RANDOM day, I thought I would share some fun random things about me.

1. I am madly in love with the Japanese Culture. On Sunday, my BFF Chelsea and I went to a Japanese grocery store not once but twice! LOL! The Japanese grocery is like no other you have been too. They have a book store, travel agent, cell phone place, dinnerware place, food court, liquor store, bakery, etc…. Chelsea and I spent 30 minutes in the book store part of the store and before you ask me- neither one of us can read or speak Japanese!

Here are some  photos from what we saw and I purchased. I forgot my camera (SHOCK) so Chels took these with her iPhone!

The crab was filled with this Chocolate pudding. YUMMY!

So treats for the boys. The green and blue molds are for hard boiled eggs! So, much fun!

Owl rice bowl just had to come home with me.

2.  If I love a company/person/product online and I meet them in real life and they are jerks. I STOP using their products.  I believe you should be the same person online as in person. NO BUTS!

Chelsea and I went to Amuse Studio’s on the Road on Sunday too. I got meet the CEO- Linda and her lovely daughter.  OMG- Linda is more awesome in person that I can tell you.  Made me love Amuse Studio’s even more.

Here are some of the project we did. I am missing one since, I left it in Chelsea’s car.

This is my favorite one:

3. When given a straw for my drink. I peel off a section in the center than take off each end. How do you do it?

4. I hate to drink coffee/cappuccino from the cups from the gas station. I have to have it in a mug.

5. I could eat almost every meal out of a bowl.

I guess, I will stop a 5 since my RANDOM post got super long…SORRY!

Oh one more thing. I made one of those uber cool wrap bracelets, last night while indulging in a little Days of our Lives ( I have watched it since high school, sad but true). Super fun and easy

Thanks for stopping in to visit! Your comment brighten my day!


3 thoughts on “Random”

  1. Wow! So much to see and hear! Love the bracelet! Is that from pinterest? Yep, the kiddos will still need us for a while… I remember Sissy’s first days of middle school… I’m at Gurnee Mills (about 45 min from home) and I get a call from the school nurse, she was stung by a bee at lunch time…is she allergic? I love Asian food!! You have fun trips with your BFF!

  2. Your bracelet turned out great! arent they easy to do? I love easy and inexpensive! Looks like you and Chelsea had a great and very interesting day. Your owl bowls are too cute and so you!

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