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I can’t believe it this is my 400th post! It just doesn’t seem possible. Today, is the start of a brand new week. What wonderful new things does this week hold? Each week always holds promise of wonderful new journey. You have  to open your heart and mind to it, be willing, and expect it!

Speaking of journey’s. I made a new pendant, that merges a few of my interest together…. photography, watercolor, polymer clay, and jewelry making.

Here is the photo, I took of the tree at our family farm:

If you are thinking,  I seen this tree before you are right! Every trip to the farm we take a photo of it. It’s our symbol of serenity! This shot is from Labor day weekend. I knew I just had to use this on a pendant.

Supplies: Photograph, staedtler watercolor crayons, old text, fimo, wax

I hope this week bring you a wonderful new journey! Thanks for taking the time to stop in and visit me! Your comments warm my soul!



5 thoughts on “400”

  1. Wow 400 already? I looked at my blog, and I am at only 159! I love that tree, Such a neat one. I love love the acorn charm hanging off the pendant as well as the pendant. I assume you made it? Well done! Did you get that wrap bracelet done? I thought that was a great idea, but havent made one yet.

  2. 400… woot woot! That tree is so symbolic and I’m glad you take a photo of it each time, it grows and changes, just as you and your family do!

  3. Congratulations… the ultimate way to combine all of your talents….. just put them all together, and it turns out incredible. Love the idea of always taking a picture of your special ‘place’…. traditions for the family keep memories alive!

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