i heart macro – Mushrooms

This week has been a busy one for me but I took some time to enjoy some coffee, the outdoors . and the companionship of  my lovely sister-in-law Tracey.  She encouraged me to play along with the i heart macro fun.

It’s all about Mushrooms this week for me 🙂

Here is my favorite one:

Thanks so much for taking a peek at my photos! Have a lovely week!


28 thoughts on “i heart macro – Mushrooms”

  1. Great shots of the beautiful mushrooms. I really like the second shot it has some neat texture.

  2. SO pretty I love to find mushrooms in the grass like little tiny fairy towns sprouting up! : )

  3. mushrooms are so fun and love all the textures, plus they’re just darn cute looking! 🙂 Those are great shots!

  4. Great Shots! I love the 3rd one as well as the last one. I am now going in search of a mushroom to photograph!

  5. Wow Kim! What gorgeous shots of all the different types of mushrooms. They have so much texture and such pretty colors. I am with you, I adore the last tiny little mushroom. So sweet and dainty. Love all your shots. They look amazing.

  6. Love the shot on the bottom left, looks like the pages of a book or even some flaky pastry! very cool! Glad you joined in the fun!

  7. i did mushrooms this week too! my yard is full of em, due to the influx of rain. yours rock!

  8. So many different shapes and colours. They have a beauty all of their own don’t they.

  9. Really great photos! Mushrooms make great subjects for macro shots!

  10. Lovely shots of an under-appreciated subject! The textures of that last shot are incredible 🙂

  11. Beautiful! Makes me want to go diving! They remind me of underwater plants and such!

  12. GORGEOUS Photos, Kim! I just took a macro class – LOTS OF FUN! I just love seeing your work – jewelry, photos, mixed media, cards – you rock, girl!

  13. I’m so glad you stopped by my Macro post, because I love your blog! Great photos and interesting posts. Great shots of some beautiful mushrooms.

    Adding you to my blog role!

  14. Lovely pictures. I am a fungi lover too and always take photos when I see them.

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