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Earlier this week, we had a air quality warning due to the smoke in the air from the wild fires in Minnesota.  It happen to be the day that Sam came home from school with a headache.  Today, I was downloading photos and before the boys left for school on Monday.  A couple of crows were eating bread on top the  neighbors roof. So, I tried to get a couple of shoots of them.

Take a look at this:

Look at all that ash in the air!

Here is a new painting 8 x10 inches. Mr. Hutch is building the frame from me as I type! ❤ that man 🙂

Thanks for stopping in! For everyone that takes the time to comment, I am so grateful!


4 thoughts on “”

  1. I love your art….do a tutorial some day and let me in on it!! Or give me some basics to start… quite adorable if I say so myself!

  2. This painting is fab, K! Sorry it took me so long to take a peek at it, I’ve had a busy weekend. I can’t wait to see your next~

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