What if?

With being sick this week and not being able to talk. I have been doing a lot of thinking and reading. I used to think about  all these what if’s? What if I had done this or that or what if my childhood was different?  I have learn lots of things about myself lately- I do not need to think of the “What if’s” but WOW look at this path I have taken! I learned so much (sometimes good sometimes not so good), I am so strong, I can do it!

So here is my BIG challenge piece.

“Meadow Pleasures” 12 x 28 inches

Mixed Media and beeswax

Close-up 0ne

Close-up 2

I DID  IT and I AM BRAVE!!!!!

Thanks for stopping in to check out this journey with me! I appreciate all your comments! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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This time of year, I have many wishes…

5 x7 inch wooden panel cover in beeswax

I wish for Spring, I have enjoyed winter but ready to see green grass and plants blooming. The ink spots are ready for spring too! They both got new bikes this weekend.


Ben on the Green Machine III

Then we got some bad news about Lycos (MIL dog). He has bone cancer. Today they are amputating his leg. Please keep him in your doggie prayers.

My next huge wish is that they would find a cure for CANCER! I lost a former student that worked in my office when I worked at Beloit College to Cancer. Jimmy and I both left BC at the same time- he graduated and I became a SAHM. Over the years Jimmy and I have remain in close contact! Jimmy, I will miss you! Election time will not be the same without you! 26 years old is way to young to lose someone! xox

What are you all wishing for right now? Thanks for stopping in! Your comments brighten my day!


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When you make the finding yourself–even if you’re the last person on Earth to see the light–you’ll never forget it.
Carl Sagan





This is piece one in a four piece series. The photo is of one I took in the fields at the family farm. I used watercolors, acrylics, stamps, and beeswax.  This piece is 4 x 4 wooden gallery panel!

Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping in!




S&D 17, Oh Canada

The theme this week for Sunflower and Dragonflies Creative Designs is Canada. The  prize this week is a $10 gift certificate to Sunflower and Dragonflies Creative Designs online store.

Since, I have been having so much fun in the wood shop. I thought what can I do with this theme and still use my band saw. So….. as you guessed I made another ornament! This time I cut out a half circle of wood. Stamped the image ( Canada Goose Swimming), used my wood burning tool and traced the image, colored image with my watercolor pencils and crayons, sealed with a coat of poly, and then covered with beeswax.


Check out what the other design team members did:




Remember all you have to be enter in the drawing for the stamps is do a card/project that uses a Canadian theme (think outside the box on this one).  Then put it on your blog. Go to Beth’s blog and leave her the link to your post!





The smell of fresh cut wood!

Oh my heavens, I have been in the wood shop again. Me and the Band Saw are the perfect match! LOL! I am continuing to work on Christmas ornaments for a upcoming craft event. So, I thought I would share one with you!


This one I sealed with clear poly and then but beeswax over the top! I used my watercolor pencils, crayons, and cakes on this so I wanted to seal it before I but beeswax over the top.  As much as I try I can’t achieve the look I want with acrylics- so I have went back to my first love watercolors!

FYI- no I do not have my Christmas tree set up yet. I got this tree this week at Goodwill to use at the craft event! So, thought I would use it for this photo 🙂


Thanks for you support and your comments mean so much!



The Next Step, Wax

Coffee makes cents

Did you hear about this new challenge blog…The Next Step? They show a technique that is the  challenge each month. You even have the chance to win a prize!

The technique this month is painting using Stamps as a guide:

I did an 8 x 8 canvas.

Here are the stamps I used:


Here is my canvas:





-oil pastels

-crackle paint


-ebony pencil

-charcoal pencil

-vintage book

-vintage dress pattern


Does Coffee make cents to you? LOL! Are you one of the people that love the scent of coffee but don’t drink it? I LOVE COFFEE! Start every day with it! Nothing better than a starbucks date! SMILE!

Thanks for stopping in! Have a wonderful day!



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HELP….I’m melting…

Ok, I am not really melting! We only have gotten a tiny sneeze of snow- it is just to warm for any of it to stay around! So everything is starting to melt! YAY!

Last night I started playing around with melted crayon technique.  With some help from Mr. Ink – I took step-by-step photos 🙂

So, lets get started melting!


crayons (thanks Chels for leaving these at my house :))

Something to melt the crayons with- I use a hot mark



printer paper or notebook paper


Step One:

Turn on Hot melt and pick out crayons. Then you put your card stock down and melt the crayon into the hot mark


Keep going with colors until your whole piece of cardstock is cover with the crayon wax.



This is how it looks after you have all your crayon wax on the card stock

Step 2:

Time to melt off the wax. Plug in iron. Get printer paper or notebook paper.

Put the notebook paper over the cardstock with your melted crayon wax. Iron.





Here is your new background that you can stamp on.

This is what I did with this background! I used the sketch that Jennifer posted on her blog today. The door stamp I used is from Sunflowers and Dragonflies Creative Designs.


Then the inside:


Sorry about the bad knock knock jock but the ink spots are really into telling me then these days! LOL

One last thing to share with you before I go today! My new hair cut, lots of layers!


Hope you take time to try the melted crayon. It is so fun! You can stamp first then melt your crayon. Thank you so much for stopping in! Have a wonderful day.



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I promise….

that one of these days I will get back to Fri-cake day.  I am really having a hard time coming up with something good for Fri-cake day right now. My muse is away on vacation that nasty little muse! LOL!

I have been continuing to work on my winged hearts!  Today is a 5 x 7 piece.


Supplies used:



watercolor crayons

ebony pencil

charcoal pencil

old text

hard molding paste


Do you all have exciting weekend plans? We are celebrating Benner’s Birthday this weekend since his Birthday is Wednesday (the 11th).  I can’t believe he is going to be 4 years old all ready! Where does the time go? Whatever you do thing weekend enjoy!

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Whatcha you got hidden?

Yesterday Cindi tagged me with a fun tag.

Here is the instructions: 1. Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures. 2. Go to the 6th Folder, then pick the 6th picture in that folder. 3. Post that picture on your blog and the story that goes along with the picture. 4. Tag 6 other people that you know or don’t know to do the same thing and leave a comment on their blog or an e-mail letting them know you chose them

So here is my photo:


Mr. Ink took this photo of this squirrel out near our bird feeder last March!

Then later on yesterday I got tagged from Renu.


Along with this award I am to list 5 addictions. So here goes.

1. Coke Zero

2. Candy canes

3. Homemade rice krispie treats

4. Take photos with my canon

5. painting

Now,  I am suppose to tag people but I really don’t like tag- so If you are reading this blog post and want to be tagged go for it! I think the fun one to do was the photo one! It was interesting to see what was in that folder! What hidden treasure you had forgotten about.

So. to make up for not officially tagging anyone I thought I would do a give-away! SMILE!!!!!


4 x4 beeswax winged heart collage

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment! I will draw a winner on Friday morning!

Thanks for stopping in!



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If I only had wings…

Last week I got Kelly Rae’s Robert’s book Taking Flight, I got it for 50% off at Joann’s with a coupon. So each day I have been reading some of it and trying some of the new things in it. Today I want to show you the wings. I have always loved wings. I have to say the wings are pretty easy to make and I think they look great.

As I continued on with my shape theme of stars. I just randomly stitched stars on some really cheap fabric! I am so in search of some nice stitching fabric!!!! Oh anyway, then I made it into the puffy heart and add the wings but sewing them on the back. Finally adding a banner. I glued that on with Heavy gel medium 🙂


This next piece I am so proud of! This is so silly and a random fact about me. Maybe this is to embarrassing and I should not say it…throwing caution to the wind- here I go.  In middle school I cheated in Industrial Education! There I said it! I CHEATED!!!! We had to make this wooden frame picture- I took it home and my Dad did it all for me! I was afarid of those power tools well not anymore!!!!!  I have love working on wood since I started working with wax. When I was at Hobby Lobby I got a 4 x4 title of wood- 2 for $1. This is what I used for my next piece. Now you are wondering why I am proud of myself ?- well to attach the wings I- YES ME- used Mr. Ink’s drill press to  make the wholes! I did a perfect job 🙂 I added wax to the top of this piece! It is just so yummy!


Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks so much for stopping in!