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When you make the finding yourself–even if you’re the last person on Earth to see the light–you’ll never forget it.
Carl Sagan





This is piece one in a four piece series. The photo is of one I took in the fields at the family farm. I used watercolors, acrylics, stamps, and beeswax.  This piece is 4 x 4 wooden gallery panel!

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The cold and flu is going around my house and the local schools! About 10 -20% of the kids out of school. Sam has been home two day from school all ready this week. We sent him back today, not sure that he will make it all day. He is coughing but not has hard as he has been! Poor little ink spot!

So, I really have not had anytime in my studio! On Sunday, I went to a stamp and scrap party. I never got my bag unpacked. So, last night I worked at the dinning room table with the supplies I had upstairs! I got 4 cards made for Halloween.

This is Sam’s favorite:


Supplies: S& D dia de lost muertos , Saying from Martha Stewart, watercolors, spiders from CM Halloween Micro Mini punch,  white, purple, and green paper, staples, sticklers

You see those 3 circles on the left side? I  made them out of some of the background paper I made in the layer love class!

More Halloween cards to come later this week- Hold on to your hats! te he he!

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Sliding in…

My oh my what a weekend we are having. I got my final exam done for Julie’s Layer Love class.  The class was just a blast! Had a hard time waiting for stuff to dry!

9 x11 “Spin”


The base of this is a chalk board- I got free 😉

Yesterday was very hot and humid here- so the boys and I throw a water party, water guns, water balloons and a slip and slide.  It was a blast 🙂




After all the fun we grilled out steaks and potatoes (Thanks Jeni) and once it got dark made slushies and kettle corn and caught fireflies! It was a perfect Saturday!

Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Ink. The boys really wish you were off today to play with them. Good thing we got to go fishing last weekend! We are counting the days until change over is done and you will not be working 10 hours a day 7 days a week!  We love you!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day!

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Where in the world….

have I been…dang – ten days since I last updated! Thing have been a whirl wind!

Last Friday- Miss College Ink walked graduation ceremony. Leighia we are so proud of you!


Then on Saturday…well… as they say all HELL broke lose. Our good friends house started on fire and they lost everything. Thank god they are all ok . So, please keep them in your prayers- Heather, Bob, and Kaiden.


Then on Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day with a fishing trip since Mr. Ink has to work on Father’s day! We had a blast!


Then on Monday we got the Final Exam for my layer love class! I have been working on it all week. It is almost done- lots of waiting for things to dry- ugh- so not good at waiting…


sneak peek at Final Exam

The rest of the week has been all about strawberries: Picking , making jam, pies and scones!




Then we have some little babies living in the backyard!


Please celebrate the things you have you never know when you may lose them.


Thanks so much for checking in on me. Have a wonderful weekend!



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End of the school year…

is almost here. Thank goodness! LOL! We are ready for summer fun.

Here is the gift I made for under ten dollars for the ink spots teacher:


Plate is 13 x 13 – chalk board paint, and metal plate stand 🙂

Hope his teacher likes it!

This weekend I had some time to work on Layer Love Lesson 6. Here it is:


9 x12 Earth Matters


Close up

Have a wonderful Monday. Thanks for stopping in! I am off to the Zoo with the ink spot for school! It has been raining and storming all night- hopefully NO more while I am at the zoo!



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Well, Color me June

How in the world does each month just roll on bye? I can hardly believe it is June already! I can’t wait for school to be out. One week from tomorrow and YES we are counting down the days. LOL

How was everyone’s weekends? Mine was really nice even with Mr. Ink having a horrible sinus, eye, and ear infection. I got to go on a coffee date.  Got to look at the most beautiful view of the river. I just love being around water. Maybe it is because I’m a Pisces!


T-ball has started! So, far we have got rained on both times! UGH! But boy oh boy are the kids have a good time.


Colored me some Layer Love – Lesson 5


The whole kit-and- cadoodle!


Close-up One


Close-up view 2


Close-up View 3

That’s all I have for today, Folks! See you all again soon! Thanks for stopping in to visit!



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What out Moby Dick!


Look how cute Sam’s shark is? He made it at school! I HEART IT!

I guess we are all in the Sea mood.Even been thinking about redoing my front room with an Ocean theme!

5 x 7 background “Seaport Pocket”


This is from Layer Love lesson 4! I am having a blast with this class, Julie is the best teacher!

Have a great Thursday! I am working with some of my background for another poject…Can’t wait to show you what I did! SMILE!

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Nothing like spending the day looking out into the ocean! The sense of peace you get is so tranquil.The smells and sounds putting you in a calm and wonderful state of mind.  I really wish I lived by the ocean but since I don’t here is my background using techniques from Layer Love lesson 3.

9 x 12 “Sam, I am the Ocean”


This piece is really glossy so hard to get a good photo of it. The two dark blue lines are from a piece of paper with the Sam’s writing from school. Up close you can make out some of his writing- Here is what he wrote: Sam  I hav va cat. He is working really hard in school and doing so well! I am so proud of him! Tomorrow is the start of T-ball! Only 2 weeks left of school! Yippee!

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One, two, three…

I first want to THANK all the service men and women (past and present) and their families for serving our country! Because of all of you we have our freedom. Godspeed home. Please let this war end soon! PEACE!

Second thing- today is my brothers 39th BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Chas! Love ya!

Third-is my piece for Mixed Media Monday! The theme this week was feathered friends. I used the background I made yesterday and photos of my robins.


9 x 12 “Fly Free”

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Blue, Green, Yellow, NOPE ORANGE!!!!!

It is NO  secret that ORANGE it is my favorite color. We are having a good weekend. I got up extra early to work on my homework…te he he!

Tequila Sunset: 9 x 12


This is my piece from Layer Love  : Lesson 2

Last night I went to a benefit for a nephew of one of my childhood friends (waking Hi to Jeni)! Mr. Ink was exhausted from being to work at 5am- so I went it alone.  My niece Jess and her hubby Mike was there so that was nice to see them. In one of the bucket raffles- I won a longaberger pie basket and a lap quilt! I am smiling ear to ear!

Hope you are all having a good weekend! Thanks for stopping in!