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Nothing like spending the day looking out into the ocean! The sense of peace you get is so tranquil.The smells and sounds putting you in a calm and wonderful state of mind.  I really wish I lived by the ocean but since I don’t here is my background using techniques from Layer Love lesson 3.

9 x 12 “Sam, I am the Ocean”


This piece is really glossy so hard to get a good photo of it. The two dark blue lines are from a piece of paper with the Sam’s writing from school. Up close you can make out some of his writing- Here is what he wrote: Sam  I hav va cat. He is working really hard in school and doing so well! I am so proud of him! Tomorrow is the start of T-ball! Only 2 weeks left of school! Yippee!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! Thanks for visiting!



6 thoughts on “Ocean”

  1. Oooooh. This is so pretty. It looks like the ocean. You are doing so good with your layering class.

    I’ve been a major slacker lately. But, last night I made 18 cards last night for Cards for Soldiers. I’ll take pics when it’s sunny again.

  2. Wow! only two weeks? We have school till June 24th!
    I love how you incorporate the kids papers into your work. Great idea!!

  3. This is fantastic. Your really doing GREAT in this layer love class.

  4. So pretty. It looks like the ocean. You are very good at writing comments that match your artwork. The dark edges are awesome and really gives this ocean depth.

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