Journal page, Mixed Media Monday

One, two, three…

I first want to THANK all the service men and women (past and present) and their families for serving our country! Because of all of you we have our freedom. Godspeed home. Please let this war end soon! PEACE!

Second thing- today is my brothers 39th BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Chas! Love ya!

Third-is my piece for Mixed Media Monday! The theme this week was feathered friends. I used the background I made yesterday and photos of my robins.


9 x 12 “Fly Free”

Thanks so much for visiting me! Your comments mean the world to me!



15 thoughts on “One, two, three…”

  1. Kim, this is such a cool piece of art, love how you have incorporated the Robin pics in this piece, thank you for participating in this weeks theme:)

  2. Wonderful piece.
    Hoping your Memorial day was filled with happiness and fond memories.


  3. I love did a wonderful piece of art! We have baby bluebirds right now…so cute

  4. Orange is also my favorite color and I love what you have made with this color, wonderful work.

  5. This is a lovely, lovely piece of art. It is interesting to see the bg and then again how you used it. Your photography skills are amazing and really gives your piece an intriguing aspect–esp. since the photos were your own. Great work GF!

  6. I love it … wow how they grow up fast … just like our little guys!

  7. DUDE! I knew those bird photos matched this page. Absolutely gorgeous piece. You are rocking Julie’s classes. I’m so far behind. My first attempt was so pitiful.

  8. Your journal pages are beautiful. I’ve just discovered this love and am going to check out the Monday challaneges. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for always leaving such wonderful comments for me!

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