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What out Moby Dick!


Look how cute Sam’s shark is? He made it at school! I HEART IT!

I guess we are all in the Sea mood.Even been thinking about redoing my front room with an Ocean theme!

5 x 7 background “Seaport Pocket”


This is from Layer Love lesson 4! I am having a blast with this class, Julie is the best teacher!

Have a great Thursday! I am working with some of my background for another poject…Can’t wait to show you what I did! SMILE!

Thanks for stopping in!



6 thoughts on “What out Moby Dick!”

  1. that shark is outstanding. You HAVE to get that framed or something Kim

    Love your layer love work.

  2. Your son did great! We are proud of them when they do something cute like that! 🙂 Cool backgroud!

  3. I agree with Erin, frame it. I was in a friends house and she had real cute artwork in her dining room, when I got closer, it was pictures her kids had made (all were self portraits… you know the kind where the kid has a big head, nostrils, huge eyelashes) and it was nicely framed and arranged on the wall.

    Cute stuff!

  4. Ahhh, cute little shark. My sister framed lots of art pieces of her kids and has them hanging all over the house. Good golly Miss Molly, your background rocks! Talk about kick’n it up a notch. You go GF.

  5. love the artwork from Mama and son! I have a box of my children’s creations when they were young and often wish I could have a room where the pieces were all framed and on the wall to cherish each day! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Guess Sam must have gotten some talent from his mama! You both rock with these projects! I think you should incorporate both into your new front room!

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