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Well, Color me June

How in the world does each month just roll on bye? I can hardly believe it is June already! I can’t wait for school to be out. One week from tomorrow and YES we are counting down the days. LOL

How was everyone’s weekends? Mine was really nice even with Mr. Ink having a horrible sinus, eye, and ear infection. I got to go on a coffee date.  Got to look at the most beautiful view of the river. I just love being around water. Maybe it is because I’m a Pisces!


T-ball has started! So, far we have got rained on both times! UGH! But boy oh boy are the kids have a good time.


Colored me some Layer Love – Lesson 5


The whole kit-and- cadoodle!


Close-up One


Close-up view 2


Close-up View 3

That’s all I have for today, Folks! See you all again soon! Thanks for stopping in to visit!



5 thoughts on “Well, Color me June”

  1. Isn’t time just rushing by? Reminds me to slow down and enjoy it! Spring is all about beauty and baseball! You nailed that one. LOL Still loving your layer art, and still wishing I could take a lesson or two from you! 🙂

  2. Wow Kimmer, looks like you are really having fun with your classes. Your work is beautiful! What are you going to make with these, any idea? How big are they? Love You!

  3. Wowzers, what an outstanding bg! You are coming along beautifully!! I love your photoshopped photo up top. Really cool GF!

  4. Love these colors, K, and the texture!!! Thanks for the close-ups! Thinking of you and hope you have a great summer with the boys!

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