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If I only had wings…

Last week I got Kelly Rae’s Robert’s book Taking Flight, I got it for 50% off at Joann’s with a coupon. So each day I have been reading some of it and trying some of the new things in it. Today I want to show you the wings. I have always loved wings. I have to say the wings are pretty easy to make and I think they look great.

As I continued on with my shape theme of stars. I just randomly stitched stars on some really cheap fabric! I am so in search of some nice stitching fabric!!!! Oh anyway, then I made it into the puffy heart and add the wings but sewing them on the back. Finally adding a banner. I glued that on with Heavy gel medium 🙂


This next piece I am so proud of! This is so silly and a random fact about me. Maybe this is to embarrassing and I should not say it…throwing caution to the wind- here I go.  In middle school I cheated in Industrial Education! There I said it! I CHEATED!!!! We had to make this wooden frame picture- I took it home and my Dad did it all for me! I was afarid of those power tools well not anymore!!!!!  I have love working on wood since I started working with wax. When I was at Hobby Lobby I got a 4 x4 title of wood- 2 for $1. This is what I used for my next piece. Now you are wondering why I am proud of myself ?- well to attach the wings I- YES ME- used Mr. Ink’s drill press to  make the wholes! I did a perfect job 🙂 I added wax to the top of this piece! It is just so yummy!


Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks so much for stopping in!



15 thoughts on “If I only had wings…”

  1. How do you do it? I can’t believe how much you whip out on a regular basis. You really like to try new things, eh? You know me–I’m at the stage, “someday I want to try that.” We know how well I do with that–LOL. Your two projects are wonderful. The stitched heart is so darn unique–I love it! And the bottom piece. Wowzers. Congrats on using the drill press. As I said, you’re always trying new things.

  2. Great projects, Kim! I noticed that the coupons for Joann’s don’t exclude books any more…but I see them listing books on sale for 10% all the time….you can bet I am going to catch them one day. lol I hope. 🙂

  3. Wow! How fun! What will you show us next? Wings are popular for teen girls when they dress up… wings are part of the super fan attire at sport events too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am searcing for a good fabric too so let me know what you come up with! Congratulations for being so brave. I knew you had it in you! Hugs. tracey

  5. I love these winged hearts. They are so different and so wonderful in their own way. Copper and pattern paper, you really hit a nice variety of materials.

  6. Awesome work as usual! Love the photo folder thing to. I don’t know if I have 6 folders here at work. I’ll have to check.

  7. Wow I love your wing creation. I also love the Picture folder, I don’t have a blog…but cool idea TFS. Terry

  8. Wow this absolutely beautiful. Your work is always awesome and thanks for a chance to win this.

  9. Hey Kim,
    Long time, no chat. This is so awesome and cute, I love the wings!

  10. Kim,
    Your art work is so beautiful. You could make lots ofmoney here in Lawrence, KS with your art creations. Have you ever thought of selling it? (Maybe you already do?)
    anyway, whether you pick my name or not–I do so enjoy seeing your art work (and your boys too!)

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