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I’m in great shape!


The GPP Street Team crusade is to shape up. To pick a shape and to make some new tools with it! Not sure if you guess from my early post about getting in shape but my shape is the  star.

Here are my new tools: A hand carved star stamp and a star stencil that I burned.


Today makes two years since my BFF Cathy passed away from ovarian cancer. So, using my new tools- I did a journal page.


– used the postivite and negative from my star stencil

– stamped into polymer clay to make a frame

– stamped into my gesso (which you can’t see to well since I add more stuff)

-hand drew some stars in

– the photo of Cathy is from our trip to Florida!

Dear Cathy,

In these 2  years that you have been gone I still dial your number when I am super excited about something and want to share with you. I have not been able to remove email address from my list of contacts. I miss you more than you can image.  This election I waited by the phone for you to call and remind me to vote.  As I look back we never talked about WHO we voted for just that we voted! Usually meeting up for come coffee after we voted! Come to think of it you are the reason I drink coffee to begin with . I guess it was all those 3rd shift nights and mornings at that local bar that we went to after work to read! LOL! (The bar had a library!) So much of the person I am today is because of you. You always believe in me – you could see the stars in my soul. You are my shining star! I miss you so much! Love you!

Please Please Please remember to get your annual pap smears ladies it is so important.  Also if you feel something is wrong with your body find a Doctor that will listen to you. By the time they found Cathy’s cancer is was stage 3.  She always got her pap and keep going to the doctors until they found the problem.

Ok, I am off my soap box! Thanks for stopping in today! Your comments make my soul shine!



13 thoughts on “I’m in great shape!”

  1. I love your stars stencil and stamp… and your journal page rocks! I really like the idea of stamping into the clay to make the frame – very creative. Without a doubt your bff is watching and is feeling the love. I’m so sorry you had to lose her. Thanks for sharing and for reminding us to be in tune with our bodies.

  2. HEY- You used so many cool thing son this post, Kimmy Kim…Love that you stamped into the clay…love the new stencil…love it all! It’s a really cool tribute to your friend, Cathy too…really nice.

    I dream every day for a cure for cancer…..

  3. Kim – lovely page! YOU are a star. THanks for sharing your new fave shape, your new tools, and your heartfelt message. I can relate to what you’ve said about not being able to remove evidence of a loved one. That’s ok, keeps us tuned into them. One more thanks – of reminding us to stay ship-shape with our exams.

  4. Wow! I really like the star image…. you could make it with so many color combos. Really neat background paper for so many different things. Memories are some of the best thing that no one can take away!

  5. Great job. I love that you made your own stencil and stamp. Hard core crafting.

  6. That stamp you’ve made is super cool, and the stencil will get well used I bet. I love that you still dial Cathy’s number … that says so much.

  7. I love your stuff, but this pin really takes the award for me! Love your stamp too! I’ve given you an award on my blog, take a look when you get a chance.

  8. Cathy was lucky to have your friendship. You honor her.

    I love the work you’ve done here. Thanks for being so open.

  9. You rose to this challenge in so many ways, Kim. Your art work is lovely- I really love the color scheme. But the most beautiful part is your loving tribute to you friend.

    Thanks for the reminder to take good care our ourselves. We have loved ones counting on us !

  10. A beautiful tribute to an unending friendship. Love the star theme and the way you carried it through in so many ways.

  11. Hi Kim,
    I just love your page! Very beautiful tribute to your friend, too. Thank you for sharing your memories.


  12. What an incredibly beautiful page, and an incredibly beautiful message. It sounds like you have truely mastered living with and through art. Thank you SO much for sharing.

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