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CRUSADE No. 47- It’s a wrap

As, I read what Michelle was challenging us to do this month. I was like well- mmm all our wrapping paper has been recycled and gone. I do not use tags. Since, each person has a different wrapping paper and I am the only one that knows who has each wrapping paper until Christmas! This way no one can peek or guess what they have until Christmas!

So, I started brainstorming….I do have a little wrapping paper  on the roll from each of the kids. I had been a pretty good girl last year and I got a paper making kit for Christmas from the ink spots! SMILE!  I had no idea how this paper would turn out- wrapping paper is pretty thin. Plus, I am very new to paper making, but I gave it a go.

Here is the evidence: Each page is 8.5 x 5.5 inches

From here I got busy- I wanted to make them totally “green” using only recycled items. I used postage stamps, some of the ink spots homework, and some flowers that we dried from our family farm this summer.

I have two more to make – with Mr. Ink’s initial and the girl’s initial! Then Mr. Ink will make me a frame and we will hang them up in our front room! SMILE!

Thanks for the wonderful challenge, Michelle!


GPP Street Team

Crusade No. 41- What’s your hang up


Frame it and hang it! Why does that always seem so easy for me to do with my son’s art! Ok, other than finding a frame that was 12 x 16 inches!

Sunflowers Van Gogh style…proudly hung in the family room!

Remember in Crusade 41- I was talked about working on my big panel??? Well, not only did I finish it – I framed it with some help of my wonderful hubby! He made me a custom frame for my painting!

Also hung in my family room!

Then, as I looked though the other Crusade members blog post- I came across Julie Prichard’s.  Julie had a print made of her work and hung. I have no costo’s but the place I get my photos from it cost 49 cents for 5 x 7’s! Crusade No. 37 was love letters- I made postcards and mailed them to my kids.  Well, I took the photos I have of the postcards and had them framed. They are hanging above my bed. I have to say I LOVE them! The total cost of the 3 prints and the 3 frames was under $15 so WORTH it!

Thanks for giving me the courage to FRAME IT AND HANG IT UP!


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Crusade No. #42- Strip Ease

Since,  I finally finished my Big Challenge piece (see last post if you missed) and got my journal for The Sketchbook Project.  I am feeling very BRAVE!  Thinking I might have to make a bigger journal once I finish this one 🙂 This one seems a little small now! WOW, never thought I would say that!

In a few days we are heading out on vacation. We are going to are favorite spot! It’s the one place my art seems to flow free! Nothing like the great outdoors to inspire you!

Thanks for stopping and checking out my crusade piece!


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GPP Street Team No. 38- Grab a tissue

Just getting my pages finished on the wire! te he he I had fun trying different things with the tissue paper. I made the cloud out of tissue paper here.

In this one I used colored and white tissue paper in the background!I also used a photo I took.

It felt go to just take some time for me to play with all this craziness going on!

Thanks for stopping in! Your comments brighten my day!


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Love Letter: Crusade No. 37

The crusade this month was love letters xox. So, to make it real love letters I made post cards.  I sent them out today to three special people, my kids! They remind me that I am bad about doing art for them! Now lets see how long it takes them to get to us. I live about 2 blocks from the post office and Miss College Ink lives on the south side of town! I hope it makes it by Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for stopping by! Your comments always make me feel xox!

Hugs and ❤

GPP Street Team

Braving the Elements No. 36

I was very excited to get started on this months Crusade. Since, Michelle told us we had to do it in 60 minutes. Which is pretty much great  for me since I only have 90 minutes between picking up and dropping off boys for school each day!  As, I started working on this challenge I thought about how I could tie this into my own goals as well! One thing I want to do more this year is be better about sending mail art. I am in love with postcards.  Yesterday, Miss College Ink was over for some play time in the studio while her air force man was out ice fishing! We started reading some of the vintage postcards I have collected! Our favorite postcard was someone telling their family/friend they are now engaged! LOL!  Okay, sorry I am off track here…so instead of 2 page journal spread…I cut my pages into postcards (6) and then instead of snowflakes I did hearts snowflake style!

I used a postcard stamp on the back even 😉

I am off to the Post Office today to stock up on postcard stamps! Thanks so much for stopping in! Enjoy the elements 🙂 We are getting a snow storm today so I really will be braving the elements!


GPP Street Team

Knock off!


As I embarked on this journey to knock myself off. I looked though my blog from start  which was  January of this year to the present. One piece stuck out to me…gosh I hate to re-post this but here I go:


Do you remember this journal page???? It was one of my first attempts of do a person. Using my word for this year.  ACHIEVE.

Here is how much I have grown 🙂 Here is my do over!


The knock off is much better than my first attempt. I have a little more confidence in myself. I am proud of myself for being so brave to show off my work. I know I have a long ways to go but I am HAPPY at how far I have come!

I want to Thank Nancy for the sweet Circle of Friends Award! I know I am suppose to choose 5 people, but I just can’t do it. So, I tag you all that take the time to stop in a visit me!


Have a wondreful day! Thanks so much for stopping in!



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Pressing on….


GPP Street Team crusade this month is “Cat got your tongue”. WOW the 3oth crusade!


“sucks the bag”- This pages comes after having coffee with my childhood BMX friend that I have not seen in at least 22 years! There is talk of a reunion at the track in Elkhorn that we use to race at this winter! I better get training and drop some pounds!


“big bumps” life has been a little difficult lately that can I say.


“on a wire”


“bug” Life with Sam

I was so excited after compleltely this challenge I only have 3 pages to complete in my AJ-102 and I can bind it! That is so totally RAD!!!!!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have a rocking week! Thanks so much for you kind comments!



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Double digits!

Today, Mr. Ink and I celebrate 10 Years of marriage! It has been an amazing journey so far. I can’t wait to see how the rest of our journey goes! Another journey I have taken today is Crusade No.29


This is what I started with 6 pieces of 8 1/4 inch square paper. Using some of the tools I had made in previous crusades!




No. 2


No. 3


No. 4


No. 5


No. 6

So, what am I going to do with these squares??? Envelopes of course! I am trying to use up all the cardstock I have so….I am making all my envelopes this year! So far so good!

Here are the finished envelopes after a little pen work.





I had a great time working on this challenge! It was so much fun to get wild with the paint! I even got a little in my hair!!!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting me today!



GPP Street Team, Journal page

I’m in great shape!


The GPP Street Team crusade is to shape up. To pick a shape and to make some new tools with it! Not sure if you guess from my early post about getting in shape but my shape is the  star.

Here are my new tools: A hand carved star stamp and a star stencil that I burned.


Today makes two years since my BFF Cathy passed away from ovarian cancer. So, using my new tools- I did a journal page.


– used the postivite and negative from my star stencil

– stamped into polymer clay to make a frame

– stamped into my gesso (which you can’t see to well since I add more stuff)

-hand drew some stars in

– the photo of Cathy is from our trip to Florida!

Dear Cathy,

In these 2  years that you have been gone I still dial your number when I am super excited about something and want to share with you. I have not been able to remove email address from my list of contacts. I miss you more than you can image.  This election I waited by the phone for you to call and remind me to vote.  As I look back we never talked about WHO we voted for just that we voted! Usually meeting up for come coffee after we voted! Come to think of it you are the reason I drink coffee to begin with . I guess it was all those 3rd shift nights and mornings at that local bar that we went to after work to read! LOL! (The bar had a library!) So much of the person I am today is because of you. You always believe in me – you could see the stars in my soul. You are my shining star! I miss you so much! Love you!

Please Please Please remember to get your annual pap smears ladies it is so important.  Also if you feel something is wrong with your body find a Doctor that will listen to you. By the time they found Cathy’s cancer is was stage 3.  She always got her pap and keep going to the doctors until they found the problem.

Ok, I am off my soap box! Thanks for stopping in today! Your comments make my soul shine!