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Love Letter: Crusade No. 37

The crusade this month was love letters xox. So, to make it real love letters I made post cards.  I sent them out today to three special people, my kids! They remind me that I am bad about doing art for them! Now lets see how long it takes them to get to us. I live about 2 blocks from the post office and Miss College Ink lives on the south side of town! I hope it makes it by Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for stopping by! Your comments always make me feel xox!

Hugs and ❤

22 thoughts on “Love Letter: Crusade No. 37”

  1. kim – these are gorgeous! love the colors, and the contrast of the masked letters. great idea to make them into something to send! love letters indeed. thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. These are fantastic and I love love love that you mailed them to the kids. You’re such a fun mom.

  3. These are so cool. I love this collage postcard stuff. Good art, mom!!!

  4. Thud. Sorry, I just fell on the floor. Your backgrounds are truly stunning. You really have a nack for this. Go girl, go girl!

  5. These are beautiful and so special, to be treasured by your kids for sure.

  6. oh man, thse are GREAT!!!! I love how the colors glow on the page, so awesome. i want one too! 🙂

  7. Fabulous! Stunning colors. Your creativity shines…I know your kiddos will enjoy!

  8. Holy Moley GF these are Fab gorgeous BG and you have a very pretty handwriting.

  9. Man those backgrounds look stunning – or do I mean the Xs and Os look stunning against those backgrounds? Both I suspect!

  10. Hello Kim,

    I really like your pages : the colors and the layering. Lots of layering : trying to figure out how you achieved it…

    greetings from Belgium

  11. Wow! Your postcards are wonderful! And I love that you sent them out to your kids.

  12. Nice postcards! Great idea, you should partcipate in a swap, the receiver will be very happy. Love your colours.

  13. I’d like to be one of your kids. It’s so fun to get art in the mail. These are really beautiful! The sentiments make me feel xoxo too.

  14. OMG this in one of my fav’s, I ADORE the colors and layers. Way to Go!!xoSusan

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