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Double digits!

Today, Mr. Ink and I celebrate 10 Years of marriage! It has been an amazing journey so far. I can’t wait to see how the rest of our journey goes! Another journey I have taken today is Crusade No.29


This is what I started with 6 pieces of 8 1/4 inch square paper. Using some of the tools I had made in previous crusades!




No. 2


No. 3


No. 4


No. 5


No. 6

So, what am I going to do with these squares??? Envelopes of course! I am trying to use up all the cardstock I have so….I am making all my envelopes this year! So far so good!

Here are the finished envelopes after a little pen work.





I had a great time working on this challenge! It was so much fun to get wild with the paint! I even got a little in my hair!!!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting me today!



33 thoughts on “Double digits!”

  1. Kim – Happy Anniversary! WOW! Check out your brush effects! LOVE all the stroked AND splatters! Terrific examples – what fun to get one of these envelopes! Thank you for sharing your work and getting the crusaders jazzed for the challenge. You are the first entry and will no doubt inspire others!!

  2. Envelopes – what a Great idea. You got all kinds of neat effects with your brushes.

  3. okay, i am usually a lurker on GPP and sites of the entries. but i really LOVE these. especially #6 it really “speaks” to my, my colors. the papers are fab, love all the different methods, but finished envelopes are just beautiful. thanks for sharing your work.

  4. FANTASTIC! Not only are these papers wonderful, I can imagine how exciting it would be to get one of these envelopes in the mail. Really terrific work here! Thanks for the inspiration and a very Happy Anniversary.

  5. Happy Anniversary and great job with the paint challenge. I love how each one is so unique!

  6. Now how cool is that!!! I love, love, love those shabby chic backgrounds. They would make awesome bg’s for the shabby chic cards I’ve been making. You’ve got me inspired girlfriend!

  7. Beautiful work. Happy Anniversary you two! Good luck to Benner on his surgery day 😦 poor kid. Let me know how it goes if you can. XXOO

  8. How GORGEOUS! I love them all and I’m inspired that you make your own envelopes. Some lucky people will have fun with the mail. Thank you for sharing. Happy Anniversary too. 🙂


  9. WOW, those envelopes are a work of art onto themselves!!! Happy Anniversary. May you have lots more years of loving and happiness with Mr. Ink.

  10. Congrats on 10 Years ! Here’s to many more years of happiness !

    These envelopes are amazingly beautiful ! People will so enjoy receiving a card from you in these works of art. Fantastic brush stroking !
    Cheers !

  11. Love the idea of making envelopes with you papers. Personally I partial to the yellow orange pieces. But love all the work that you have done. Great job.

  12. Happy Anniversary! And I say…anytime there is paint in the hair…a great time was had! Beautiful envelopes!

  13. Wow! Love these and what a lovely idea to incorporate them into envelopes. I was just thinking the other day…how nice it would be to actually receive one of these mail arts. Fantastic idea!

  14. Congratulations on your anniversary!! And your brushwork (envelopes) are fantastic. Now it’s our turn…

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary!!! Love the paint job! you could create designer paper for cards! The brush strokes are so in for weathered looking paper! kewl beans!

  16. Happy Anniversary! – Love your envelopes – what a great idea!

  17. Beautiful job! Would LOVE to be one of your friends that gets one of those envelopes….how special! Thanks so much for sharing….xo…deb (the junkin’ yaya)

  18. 10 years – go you 🙂
    And love the papers, and the resulting envelopes. I decorate envelopes with stamps, pens etc but had not thought of making them from scratch – hmmm…

  19. The energy you put into these pieces definately shows! Wild, fresh, and what a beautiful way to “spread the love” in those envelopes!

  20. Happy Anniversary!
    and I’ve been following along with you in these crusades and it is SO COOL how you’ve built on the prior challenges and created such gorgeous work! I’m really impressed with these. Thanks for sharing them.

  21. These are great! The colors and textures beautiful…the postman will be smiling…

    Happy Anniversary! and good luck to your little guy, I remember ice cream was the best part of getting my tonsils out.

  22. I LOVE your papers. What a fabulous idea to make envelopes. I’d have a hard time sending those beauties out.
    Happy Anniversary & congratulations on hitting your first decade. Hubby & I are closing in on our 28th and he is still my Sweet Heart! I hope you will have a lifetime of love with Mr. Ink.

  23. ooh your use of white (on most of these envy’s) as the last bit of pop is excellent.

  24. Love the pieces! And the envelopes are a great idea!

    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  25. Incredible – envelopes. Never would have crossed my mind. I have so much cardstock it is taking me over. Great idea and wonderful art work.

  26. Happy Anniversary !!!

    Huh … those pages are gorgeous !!
    Love the envelopes ! So bright and cheerful.

  27. Love your dry brush experiments – they are so visible and very cool! Thanks for sharing such yummy images and also the finished envelopes! Lucky recipients of those yummy letters for sure!

    take care!

  28. Those envelopes are awesome, even taken as a whole the way you set them up for the photo. Good to see your process at work.

  29. Happy Anniversary!
    I love the envelopes and the wonderful colors you chose!

  30. I love all your splashes, splatters and sploooshes! And I love your envelope idea!

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