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Nursery Rhyme postcards….

14 Postcards made from a Nursery Rhyme book!

Last night was a hard night- Ben was up at 3am screaming in pain finally getting him back to bed at 7am- so I got about 2 hours of sleep last night…….the ENT appointment went okay today…we are trying some heavy duty drugs for 3 weeks….if not they do not work CT scan here we come!

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Mail Art


Yesterday, I finished up some more postcards! Today, I plan to work on a few more 😉

This guys will be going in the mail on Monday! All addressed and ready to go 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! It is cool here and rainy! So, a great day to spend in the studio working away once Mr. Ink gets home from work!

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Mail Art

Send off…

WOW,  what a busy weekend it was…finally getting back to the swing of things!  On Saturday, we had a surprise 50th Birthday party for one of SIL. Then on Sunday, we had to see off Miss College Ink’s boyfriend- Johno. He is in the Air Force and is now station in Vegas! It was much harder on all of then we thought it was going to be.  His family and ours all had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings before he headed off to the airport.  Nick (one of Johno’s brother’s) challenged me to eat a blazen boneless wing. Of course, I had to take the challenge! It was the nastiest thing I have ever eaten. Yeah, it was hot but more off it was nasty!

I finally got back to my studio. I worked on some more postcards.

4 x 6 inches “sending some love”

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Just a Quickie ;)

Sometimes silly little things can just make me giggle and giggle. This happens to be one of them:


I think it is all abou tthe name. ha ha ha

I found these a local thrift store for 50 cents , so I had to have them! Thinking MAIL ART!

Here is what I did with them:





* I hand craved stamps to use on them.


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Mail Art, Mixed Media Monday

The written word

That is the theme this week at Mixed Media Monday. When I think of the written word, I think of getting a letter in the mail! In this day and age though not to many people write letters. I say long life the letter. LOL!

I made an envelope and stationary sheet for sending a letter to someone special! hmmmm who will I send it too!


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Double digits!

Today, Mr. Ink and I celebrate 10 Years of marriage! It has been an amazing journey so far. I can’t wait to see how the rest of our journey goes! Another journey I have taken today is Crusade No.29


This is what I started with 6 pieces of 8 1/4 inch square paper. Using some of the tools I had made in previous crusades!




No. 2


No. 3


No. 4


No. 5


No. 6

So, what am I going to do with these squares??? Envelopes of course! I am trying to use up all the cardstock I have so….I am making all my envelopes this year! So far so good!

Here are the finished envelopes after a little pen work.





I had a great time working on this challenge! It was so much fun to get wild with the paint! I even got a little in my hair!!!

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