Mail Art, Mixed Media Monday

The written word

That is the theme this week at Mixed Media Monday. When I think of the written word, I think of getting a letter in the mail! In this day and age though not to many people write letters. I say long life the letter. LOL!

I made an envelope and stationary sheet for sending a letter to someone special! hmmmm who will I send it too!


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15 thoughts on “The written word”

  1. What a great idea! I love how the letter just has a touch of the beautiful colours and butterflies and the envelope is a riot of colour.

  2. Wonderful stationery, Kim – and I agree – letters are fast becoming a thing of the past! Diane

  3. Very interesting envie. I love how you make envelopes with them, and I’ll bet they are the talk around the post office. Just think how many people have their days brightened by this piece of art.

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