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When the chips are down….

…..go do something creative! LOL! It has been a hard few days and I am exhausted. Today,  I got the newest of my assignments for Art Journaling 102- only one more lesson left! BOO HOO! Even though I am so sleepy I wanted to play.


We are continuing to build on layers! I use this photo of the boys in the bath tub (it is one of my favorites). Since,  I am so exhausted I dropped paint on Ben’s head in the photo and then tried to fixed it up. I true sign I should have just taken photos today! Are you wondering why I keep using the number two in my work??? It is my favorite number! te he he

Here are a couple of photos from last week:

Orange roses that Mr. Ink gave me for our Anniversary:


The cardinal that was sitting in the tree in my backyard:


Thanks for peeking in on me today! Hope you enjoyed your visit! I am always glad to see you! SMILE!

Have a wonderful day!



6 thoughts on “When the chips are down….”

  1. Love your photography! Keep it up, keep taking pictures, fun stuff…. the good thing about learning, you can take more classes and what you’ve learned… you can keep working on!!!

  2. Such a sweet photo of the boys. I’m so jealous that you have such a pretty bird in your yard. No cardinals here. Take a nap, my friend.

  3. Oh…this collage with the boys is fantastic and the orange roses and beautiful red cardinal. I wish I could see a cardinal in person. I always smile when I come here.

  4. he he, the boys are adorable, and what a neat thing to do with their photo. The collage is great! Your roses are beautiful. Happy anniversary! Nice photo of the cardinal. Spring is here.

  5. Love the photos! Mr. Ink is all right in my book! Beautiful cardinal. I’m trying to get a pic of one in my neighborhood. And as always, love the art. The boys are adorable.

  6. love these photos! especially the one of the boys – just precious! 🙂

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