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Hump day Happiness

I want to scream from the roof tops… “I did it” …”I did it”!  You are wondering what the heck I am talking about. I finished my AJ-102 that I started at the end of February beginning of March! The book has been an amazing journey! I have learned so much about myself and had a blast doing it!


inside the back cover


back cover


all binded!

It feels so amazing to have accomplished this art journal! Today, I started to take the next step in my art journey! I am very excited about it! Some time soon I will share my plans with you for now I need to do some research and make some contacts! Please just keep your fingers crossed for me!

Wish you much happiness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kind comments! They warm my heart!



Journal page, Mixed Media Monday

Happy Monday

I think this is the first time in a long time that I have the Mixed Media Monday Challenge done on a Monday! LOL! The theme this week is inspirational words. Since my word for this year is ACHIEVE. I used that on my journal page! I had a really good time working the paint at 6am! LOL!


Thanks so much for all your comments they brighten my day so much! xox



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I am so bugged

Happy Hump day 🙂 The weather here has been really something. Most of our days have been gray and/or rainning! Yesterday it was sunny so I got the lawn mowed! We are suppose to see more sunshine not until the weekend! UGH! Not sure I will make it that long!

Family life has keep me really busy lately! Trying to figure out what Sam can and can’t eat is a challenge. Knowing that if I screw up and let him have something that has CMP (cow’s milk protein) in it he was be in lots of pain and sick! Plus, we are getting ready for a yard sale and I am doing major cleaning to de-cluttered and get ready for that!

So, I have had little time in my studio! But to relieve a little stress, I did work in my Art Journal 102. I am getting giddy with excitement since now I am down to two pages until I can bind my book!


Friday is a HUGE day around our house. Miss College Ink (aka My step-daugher Leighia) turns 18  years old! We are going out for breakfast with her to celebrate. I then am getting my hair cut, Leighia and her mom are getting tattoo’s and it is May day- mmm I wonder what I have planned for that! te he he!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! I will see you again on Friday 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!



GPP Street Team, Journal page

Pressing on….


GPP Street Team crusade this month is “Cat got your tongue”. WOW the 3oth crusade!


“sucks the bag”- This pages comes after having coffee with my childhood BMX friend that I have not seen in at least 22 years! There is talk of a reunion at the track in Elkhorn that we use to race at this winter! I better get training and drop some pounds!


“big bumps” life has been a little difficult lately that can I say.


“on a wire”


“bug” Life with Sam

I was so excited after compleltely this challenge I only have 3 pages to complete in my AJ-102 and I can bind it! That is so totally RAD!!!!!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have a rocking week! Thanks so much for you kind comments!



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Do you see it???

We have been very busy around the house doing things with Mr. Ink on vacation! Finally all the yard work is done.  Today, when I got up to let Toby out I saw a sign that it was a day to get a little work done in my Art Journal. It was lines in the sky (Julie sees these all the time) . Since, my body is old and all that yard work did me in yesterday, I did not run back into the house to get a photo. I did use a photo of the sky I had taken a while ago.


It felt great today to kick back and get paint on my face and in my hair! Have not done it about 2 weeks!

How do you know when Spring is here? For me, it is this pair of ducks that walk though my backyard each year!


They so look like they are talking to each other! te he he!

Today was an exciting day at Casa Ink- The school the inkspot goes to is celebrating 50 years! Mr. Ink was a student there for the 25th celebration! It was lots of fun and we got home before the rain! Yah!


Update- Sam is starting to feel much better! They are thinking he has an allegry to Cow’s milk protein. We will see a specialist next month! Thanks so much for all your support and  prayers. I really appreciated it!

Have a wonderful night! We are going to kick back and watch the smurfs! I am way excited! Did you have a favorite smurf???



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What’s your Spring buzz?


Monday was the start of spring back here in the Ink household! We have been so busy just enjoy the simple things in life.

Each day we do whatever the ink spots want. This is our list of things we have done:


-balloon volleyball

-kite flying

-hotwheel races

– walking the dogs

-making rice krispie treats

-dying Easter eggs

– going on a treasure walk

-movie night from inside the tent inside the house!

– working in the garden (aka Sam went bug hunting)

– tball practice

– art time 😉

Here are some photos of the highlights:


Finding the cache!


Benner’s kite


Sam’s favorite time of the day. Coloring hotwheel pages with my colored pencils!


Benner at Art time

We still have a long weekend with Mr. Ink to look forward too! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for stopping in!



Journal page, Mixed Media Monday

Chinese proverb

This week the theme at Mixed Media Monday is Oriental.

As I am continuing to work in my Art Journal, I thought I would use a Chinese proverb for my page.


“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

Things are finally getting back to normal in our house! I am starting to feel more like my self! SMILE!

Thanks for you comments and stopping in to visit me!



Journal page, Mixed Media Monday

Happy Fri-cake day

Happy first day of Spring! The weather is super funny here in WI. We hit 74 degrees earlier this week, but today it is 33 degrees and they are calling for possible snow showers! Not so spring like!

We have a busy weekend ahead…our great nephew turns two, so we are heading up to the big city for his Birthday!


This is a little treat box that I made for him with some of the new stamps I got last weekend! The treat box is made with a die from Sizzix. It is the bomb! The caterpillar image and it’s your party are  from Bugawumps. The tape measure is from Lost Coast Designs. I colored the caterpillar with oil pastels.

Next I have another journal page for you…on my thoughts on cupcakes. I used nice springy colors since the theme at Mixed Media Monday is Spring colors. I know, I am way behind with all the illness in my house! I am happy to report everyone is on the mend! Yippee!


Thank you so much for stopping in! Enjoy the first day of SPRING!



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Around and Around

So, I think we are finally get a handle of the illness in my house hold!  All the boys are on antibiotics! However the last two weeks have a taken a huge toll on me- two solid weeks of 1 to 3 hours of sleep. Now I am in a real FUNK 😦

Here is one the journal pages that I did before this funk hit! That is the spinner thingie hangs in my tree in the back yard! I hand painted the photo of it. Gave the page some texture!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in!