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I am so bugged

Happy Hump day 🙂 The weather here has been really something. Most of our days have been gray and/or rainning! Yesterday it was sunny so I got the lawn mowed! We are suppose to see more sunshine not until the weekend! UGH! Not sure I will make it that long!

Family life has keep me really busy lately! Trying to figure out what Sam can and can’t eat is a challenge. Knowing that if I screw up and let him have something that has CMP (cow’s milk protein) in it he was be in lots of pain and sick! Plus, we are getting ready for a yard sale and I am doing major cleaning to de-cluttered and get ready for that!

So, I have had little time in my studio! But to relieve a little stress, I did work in my Art Journal 102. I am getting giddy with excitement since now I am down to two pages until I can bind my book!


Friday is a HUGE day around our house. Miss College Ink (aka My step-daugher Leighia) turns 18  years old! We are going out for breakfast with her to celebrate. I then am getting my hair cut, Leighia and her mom are getting tattoo’s and it is May day- mmm I wonder what I have planned for that! te he he!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! I will see you again on Friday 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!



5 thoughts on “I am so bugged”

  1. You’ve been so busy this week. All of the new art is amazing. Love the bugs 1 & 2, makes me think of Seuss. The B&W photos are fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you make from your tag. Beautiful work. Good luck on the yard sale and happy bday to Leighia. Tell her to get a small tattoo please 🙂

  2. What?! You’re not going to join them in getting a tatoo? LOL. Spring certainly has been crappy all over. It’s nice and sunny today and nice and warm. Your page rocks. I’m noticing you really like to use bugs in your projects. Your layering is awesome!

  3. Cute little bugs! What a neat piece! Congrats on being Beth’s first featured Reader!

  4. You have a very interesting blog…I love using pictures in my stamping art… your creations are different and beaming with creativity…awesome photography also.
    connie paxman

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