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Do you see it???

We have been very busy around the house doing things with Mr. Ink on vacation! Finally all the yard work is done.  Today, when I got up to let Toby out I saw a sign that it was a day to get a little work done in my Art Journal. It was lines in the sky (Julie sees these all the time) . Since, my body is old and all that yard work did me in yesterday, I did not run back into the house to get a photo. I did use a photo of the sky I had taken a while ago.


It felt great today to kick back and get paint on my face and in my hair! Have not done it about 2 weeks!

How do you know when Spring is here? For me, it is this pair of ducks that walk though my backyard each year!


They so look like they are talking to each other! te he he!

Today was an exciting day at Casa Ink- The school the inkspot goes to is celebrating 50 years! Mr. Ink was a student there for the 25th celebration! It was lots of fun and we got home before the rain! Yah!


Update- Sam is starting to feel much better! They are thinking he has an allegry to Cow’s milk protein. We will see a specialist next month! Thanks so much for all your support and  prayers. I really appreciated it!

Have a wonderful night! We are going to kick back and watch the smurfs! I am way excited! Did you have a favorite smurf???



2 thoughts on “Do you see it???”

  1. Smurfette..of course 😉

    Glad to hear Sam is feeling better AND glad to see there is no snow on the ground in your picture!!

    And yes…I think those lines should be recognized as the universal signal to open your journal…well done!

  2. So glad that Sam is feeling better. Poor guy has really had a rough patch. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it’s not cow protein. Your journal page is very intriguing. It puts the reader into deep thought, doesn’t it.

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