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I can hardly believe this but the darn flu bug is still in my house! Mr. Ink was home yesterday with it and today I got the call to go get Sam from school since he was SICK with the FLU! Today the weather is gorgeous- it is crazy warm 74 degrees- so I have the windows open trying to the BUG to leave. I have lysoled the WHOLE house too!  So nothing to creative is going on in my house 😦 Boo Hoo! I have so many new things I want to play with!

My Art Journaling 102 is done and I am getting ready to bind my book.

Here is my cover:


The background is melted crayons and acrylic paint. I painted the photo with acrylics too!

Hope you are all healthy and enjoying warm weather. Thanks for stopping in!



Journal page

Sweet Smell of Roses

Something about the sweet smell of roses that reminds me of the all the summers of living on Walker Street! Lots of good memories in that little house! I sure do miss it! I like to drive by and see the rose Mr. Ink and I planted!


Happy Hump day! Thanks so much for stopping in!



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When the chips are down….

…..go do something creative! LOL! It has been a hard few days and I am exhausted. Today,  I got the newest of my assignments for Art Journaling 102- only one more lesson left! BOO HOO! Even though I am so sleepy I wanted to play.


We are continuing to build on layers! I use this photo of the boys in the bath tub (it is one of my favorites). Since,  I am so exhausted I dropped paint on Ben’s head in the photo and then tried to fixed it up. I true sign I should have just taken photos today! Are you wondering why I keep using the number two in my work??? It is my favorite number! te he he

Here are a couple of photos from last week:

Orange roses that Mr. Ink gave me for our Anniversary:


The cardinal that was sitting in the tree in my backyard:


Thanks for peeking in on me today! Hope you enjoyed your visit! I am always glad to see you! SMILE!

Have a wonderful day!



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Is it Spring?

For the last 3 days we have had warmer than normal temps and rain the last two days! I am so so ready for Spring, but I sure we will get at least one more snow storm!


This week the lessons for my art journal 102 class was on layers!  This piece has 13 layers!

On a side note- Ben surgery went well…his tonsils were much worst then they thought they were.  He was very sick on Friday into Saturday morning. Then he finally stopped puking. He is in a lot of pain- and refusing to take his pain meds. Ben does not like Popsicles, ice cream…all the stuff that would be good on his throat! Last night he had a piece of pumpkin bread and today a few bites of pancakes! Thanks you all for your prayers and kind thoughts!

I am hoping to get back into my studio today for a little while! Have a great Sunday! Thanks for checking in on me!



Journal page

Today is the day

As you are reading this, we are at the hospital. Ben is having is tonsils out and sinus fixed up. I can tell you that I am more nervous about the surgery then Ben is.  I thought I would do a journal page on it!


5.5 inches x 8.5 inches page

background made with melted crayon technique and then some acrylic paint on top of that


Photo of  Benner is hand tinted

Please say a little prayer that his recovery goes well! Thanks for all your kind words- they mean the world to me! Have a great weekend! I am not playing on being on this weekend. I got a bunch of books and movies at the library for the ink spot and me 🙂



Journal page

Gel transfer fun

In my Art journaling class we were giving 3 methods of doing gel transfers. I tired the first one inkjet transfer- either my printer SUCKS or I SUCK it did not turn out at all! So, I am sure that it is my printer! LOL! Next, I printed the photos again and headed to Office Max to get color copies. Their dang color copier needs repairs??? What the HECK? Ok,  I did not have time to drive out to Staples to use the machine out there. UGH…ok black and white will work….After making three copies and none of them looking right, I give up and head home-Mr. Ink needed to get to work. Still wanting to work on my page I look at all three copies and think- ok, I can just use this one! It will be ok! It is just ok-


One of my BFF – Chelsea came off this Saturday and we had an art play date! It was a fun time- blue raspberry martinis, ice cream,dinner, laughing, really bad chocoalte (LOL), lots of painting, and stamping! I am so blessed to have Chels in my life! Thanks for always being here for me Chels!

Hope you are all having a great week! Happy Hump Day! We are on count down to Benner’s surgery which is on Friday. We do not have a time yet which is driving me crazy! I need a schedule! LOL

Thanks for stopping in! I appreciate all your comments!



Journal page, Mixed Media Monday


The theme this week at Mixed Media Monday is time. I think that time seems to go so quickly. Each week seems to pass faster and faster. It is a new month before I know it! Time for sure seems to go way to fast for me. The one thing we make sure to do at my house,  is we make time to smile and enjoy the simple things in life.


5.5 x 8.5 journal page

bleached photos

machine stitching

alphabet rubber stamps by The Angel Company

Clock piece rubber stamps ???

Thanks for taking time to stop in to visit me today! Remember to take time to laugh and enjoy lifes simple things!



Journal page

Hoop it up…it’s March!

WOW, I can’t believe we are all ready into March. If I had to pick a favorite month it would be March- My wedding anniversary is in March, Mr. Ink’s Birthday is in March and so my Birthday! Then next thing I love about March is MARCH MADNESS! YES, I am a HUGE basketball fan!


Using more techniques from my Art Journaling 102 class!

Hope you all having an awesome March. Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping in to visit me!



Journal page

Who’s that????

On Fri-day we got part two of  week one assignment in Art journaling 102……Self-portraits and Altered photographs. I hate having my photo taken, but she wants me to take photos of myself! My knee jerk response was HECK NO! I am skipping this, I will use a photo of the ink spots! I then thought the reason I took this class was to learn and be challenged…how is skipping what makes my stomach turn making me grow or ACHIEVE anything. So, I went to work- grabbing some hats and a scarf  then headed to the bathroom for a photo shot! LOL! I took the photos send some off to Walgreens to pick up. Ready in an hour. Grab them then when and got color copies of the photos!

This was a huge challenge I worked on theses pages all night!


scratch, sand and paint


painted photograph

In the end I could feel the growth and feel I had ACHIEVED something!

Hope you are having a great weekend! I had a wonderful art play date with Chelsea last night! Thanks for stopping in to visit me. Your comments mean the world to me!