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Is it Spring?

For the last 3 days we have had warmer than normal temps and rain the last two days! I am so so ready for Spring, but I sure we will get at least one more snow storm!


This week the lessons for my art journal 102 class was on layers!  This piece has 13 layers!

On a side note- Ben surgery went well…his tonsils were much worst then they thought they were.  He was very sick on Friday into Saturday morning. Then he finally stopped puking. He is in a lot of pain- and refusing to take his pain meds. Ben does not like Popsicles, ice cream…all the stuff that would be good on his throat! Last night he had a piece of pumpkin bread and today a few bites of pancakes! Thanks you all for your prayers and kind thoughts!

I am hoping to get back into my studio today for a little while! Have a great Sunday! Thanks for checking in on me!



9 thoughts on “Is it Spring?”

  1. Yes, here to check on how things are going post surgery for Ben…hang it there K-the big part is past. Hope you do get some time in the studio to relax.

    LOVE you layered piece…all the details are fabulous, I know it must be stunning in person. You are so extremely talented! Glad you are not only taking the class but sharing it too!

  2. Glad to hear Ben is doing “ok” what a silly kid, not liking popsicles or ice cream! Wish I had that problem, I like them to much! I am still sick. Gonna have to break down and go to urgent care tomorrow I guess 😦 Aaron has been in town since yesterday. I havent gotten to spend as much time with him as I would like with the being sick part and all. He says its not a souvenier he wants to take back to Texas with him. I wish he would take it back to tx! Not for himself but just to texas. Hope things continue to improve. Poor kid has to be losing some weight with all the being sick crud. Love you.

  3. Wow, 13 layers? I didn’t think 13 layers of anything was possible–LOL. I’m so glad Ben made it over the worst of it. Hope he feels his old self soon.

  4. Speedy recovery to the ink spot!! 13 layers… what of paint??? i can’t tell??? but it is very cool… what’s next?

  5. I hope Ben is doing better. I’m so ready for Spring too! Love your new page. It’s great, as usual!

  6. What a gorgeous piece Kim. Wow, 13 layers !!

    All the best to Ben, spoil him 🙂

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