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Who’s that????

On Fri-day we got part two of  week one assignment in Art journaling 102……Self-portraits and Altered photographs. I hate having my photo taken, but she wants me to take photos of myself! My knee jerk response was HECK NO! I am skipping this, I will use a photo of the ink spots! I then thought the reason I took this class was to learn and be challenged…how is skipping what makes my stomach turn making me grow or ACHIEVE anything. So, I went to work- grabbing some hats and a scarf  then headed to the bathroom for a photo shot! LOL! I took the photos send some off to Walgreens to pick up. Ready in an hour. Grab them then when and got color copies of the photos!

This was a huge challenge I worked on theses pages all night!


scratch, sand and paint


painted photograph

In the end I could feel the growth and feel I had ACHIEVED something!

Hope you are having a great weekend! I had a wonderful art play date with Chelsea last night! Thanks for stopping in to visit me. Your comments mean the world to me!



8 thoughts on “Who’s that????”

  1. Bravo to you for moving past the “no I’m not doing this” stage and embracing the challenge. You have created such a fantastic piece….full of energy and playfulness.

  2. Love this!!!!!!!!!!! It is SO fun!!! I’m glad you decided to play along!

  3. Wow, this is really neat! I love your pictures! Everything is put together wonderfully… love the entire package. Glad you achieved something and feel good about it!!!

  4. Holy smokes, Kim!! Your project is awesome. I can’t get over how that self portrait looks just like you. You are such a talented young lady!!

  5. Wow! Good for you, challenging yourself! And you came through with flying colors.

  6. amazing work Kim! thats one of the b est self portraits I’ve ever seen. love it

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