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Hoop it up…it’s March!

WOW, I can’t believe we are all ready into March. If I had to pick a favorite month it would be March- My wedding anniversary is in March, Mr. Ink’s Birthday is in March and so my Birthday! Then next thing I love about March is MARCH MADNESS! YES, I am a HUGE basketball fan!


Using more techniques from my Art Journaling 102 class!

Hope you all having an awesome March. Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping in to visit me!



6 thoughts on “Hoop it up…it’s March!”

  1. Oh how cool is this?!?! Love it! I love basketball too.

    Another great work of art!

  2. Every day things can be art… you are very creative… as I’ve said before, I love looking at all the collage things you do, and often look at the artwork more than once to see all the different bits and parts.

  3. I love how you used the basketball hoop photo in today’s page of your art journal. I love it when people take photos from different perspectives…it makes the photo unique, and in your case, your artwork unique!

  4. I didn’t know there were all those good reasons to like march. This is a fantastic page. I love the repeating circles and the almost spirograph look of the net.

  5. Another fabulous piece. Talk about creative; love the way you shot that bb hoop. My son is a huge Pistons fan and I think I’d like to do something for him. You’re always full of good ideas!

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