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Happy Fri-cake day!

It is a nice bright and sunny day here. Thank goodness since yesterday was gray and rain/snow mix! The ink spot has the day off school but we had his conference first thing this am! He is doing awesome! He has a 98%! I am so proud of him!

Here is another page for my art journal 102 class! Today we get a new lesson! I can’t wait!


Today I did the drawing for the winner of the custom made stamp from etsy seller thestarbox! Thanks you all for the Birthday wishes for my SIL!


Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping in!



8 thoughts on “Happy Fri-cake day!”

  1. Yippee! Thank you, thank you Kim! This is the most awesome bog candy ever. I can hardly wait to see my surprise…oh yea, I will send you a hint of the kind of image I would like. Did I say I am excited! Thanks again!…Jan

  2. Happy Fri-Cake day. Your tea quote reminds me of a boo boo I did a couple weeks ago. I made the frame for my friend’s little girl. It was also part of a challenge so I took pictures and emailed them to the host. Well, after I emailed them I realized I spelled the little girl’s name wrong. So, I added the letter, retook all the pictures and loaded them onto my blog so she (the baby’s mom who reads my blog) wouldn’t notice. Well, the original pictures were loaded onto the Fiskars blog (misspell and all.) I read the comments on the Fiskars blog and one of them made me laugh, it said, “my daughter has the same name only she spells it with an ‘h.'”

    I love the crayon on chipboard. It looks so pretty. Hope everyone is feeling healthier today so you can enjoy your weekend. And, congratulations on the new baby Wes.

  3. Congrats, Jan!!!

    Kim, you are on your way to one fabulous art journal! TFS

  4. Congrats Jan!

    Sam & Ben …. I thought you loved ME!!! LOL

    Have a great day!

  5. Hi Jan…..saw your blog link on the AJ 102 site…..I love doing pen and ink with watercolor so your blog name was irresistable to me 🙂 glad I came your cake motif. I almost chose that. I’ve been watching Ace of Cakes and have a new fascination with cake making! Anyway…your art work and blog are great!

  6. Hooray for Jan. I loved seeing the boys draw the name and hearing your voice. Loving the new journal. Your work is always amazing to me.

  7. I agree with Tami; your work is always amazing. I can tell you have so much fun with your mixed media. Enjoyed the video very much. I’d love to see more.

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