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Gel transfer fun

In my Art journaling class we were giving 3 methods of doing gel transfers. I tired the first one inkjet transfer- either my printer SUCKS or I SUCK it did not turn out at all! So, I am sure that it is my printer! LOL! Next, I printed the photos again and headed to Office Max to get color copies. Their dang color copier needs repairs??? What the HECK? Ok,  I did not have time to drive out to Staples to use the machine out there. UGH…ok black and white will work….After making three copies and none of them looking right, I give up and head home-Mr. Ink needed to get to work. Still wanting to work on my page I look at all three copies and think- ok, I can just use this one! It will be ok! It is just ok-


One of my BFF – Chelsea came off this Saturday and we had an art play date! It was a fun time- blue raspberry martinis, ice cream,dinner, laughing, really bad chocoalte (LOL), lots of painting, and stamping! I am so blessed to have Chels in my life! Thanks for always being here for me Chels!

Hope you are all having a great week! Happy Hump Day! We are on count down to Benner’s surgery which is on Friday. We do not have a time yet which is driving me crazy! I need a schedule! LOL

Thanks for stopping in! I appreciate all your comments!



5 thoughts on “Gel transfer fun”

  1. This is great Kim … glad to have you as my BFF as well … Saturday was fun and now I am totally looking forward to next Sunday ….. that will be nice for you to get away!!!

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