GPP Street Team, Journal page

Pressing on….


GPP Street Team crusade this month is “Cat got your tongue”. WOW the 3oth crusade!


“sucks the bag”- This pages comes after having coffee with my childhood BMX friend that I have not seen in at least 22 years! There is talk of a reunion at the track in Elkhorn that we use to race at this winter! I better get training and drop some pounds!


“big bumps” life has been a little difficult lately that can I say.


“on a wire”


“bug” Life with Sam

I was so excited after compleltely this challenge I only have 3 pages to complete in my AJ-102 and I can bind it! That is so totally RAD!!!!!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have a rocking week! Thanks so much for you kind comments!



14 thoughts on “Pressing on….”

  1. Really nice, Kim! I love the dymo writing…..I always forget to bring that tool out! Happy 30th!

  2. I like the writing around the edge of the letters on the top page. I wish I could find a good white pen that lasted for more than a couple of months.

  3. LOVE that first one! You had me at STB. Not really sure what it means but the graphic is very catchy. And I love the barbed wire. Great examples of incorporating writing Kim, thanks for sharing your work with the team. Yay that your journal is nearly done, and yay for 30!

  4. Kim,

    Love the writing around your big STB letters…good idea! Also the color on the barbed wire page, with the black lines/white writing–very effective! Love that page. It’s exciting to get close to ending a journal…finally getting it filled. Then the next one is waiting for you!

  5. Very cool graffi-style pages! I want to know how you did the barb-wire-thing, it’s awesome! 🙂

    Take care and cruise on!

  6. This is awesome… nothing I would ever do, but I love to see all of YOUR work, the elements, colors, combos, writing, pictures etc… what I think will be fun is looking back at your art in 10 or twenty years… good for keepsakes if you keep all these journals.

  7. Kim,

    I am really impressed by your work, it inspires me so.
    Well done,

    St. Maarten DWI

  8. Really strong pages. I like them all, but the barbed wire is my fav.
    I’m wondering if “sucks the bag” is when you literally need to breath in a paper bag because you are hyper-ventilating. When you mentioned racing, that made me think of it.
    Thanks for sharing these great pages.

  9. OMG, Kim, you really have kicked it up a notch. These are the type of backgrounds I had hoped to achieve one day. These are so professionally done!!

  10. Another fan of the wire page… Glad to have more great art to wander through, and yours makes me even happier I joined a Crusade! Keep it up!

  11. I really like all of these pages. Especially the wire one! Great uses of text on them all.

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