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Just a Quickie ;)

Sometimes silly little things can just make me giggle and giggle. This happens to be one of them:


I think it is all abou tthe name. ha ha ha

I found these a local thrift store for 50 cents , so I had to have them! Thinking MAIL ART!

Here is what I did with them:





* I hand craved stamps to use on them.


Thanks so so much for stopping in to visit me today!



12 thoughts on “Just a Quickie ;)”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those quickies. I used to have a stationary set that was like that and I loved it. It was Emily the Strange though and you know about my Emily the Strange boycott. Anyhow I love yours so much more.

    You have my address right?

  2. Great find! I like how you make it into your own ‘thang’. Mail art is fun when you put your own touch to it!!

  3. Oh my heavens, I love the red quickie! I think red is definately a colour that goes well on mail art. Your layering is perfect and so well done! Great jaw dropping work GF!

  4. oh my, those are great!! and of course a quickie is a great way to communicate!!

  5. Quickies! What a great find. I love finding vintage paper items…hard to come by good ones.
    I also like the teachers gift! Great idea.

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