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Send off…

WOW,  what a busy weekend it was…finally getting back to the swing of things!  On Saturday, we had a surprise 50th Birthday party for one of SIL. Then on Sunday, we had to see off Miss College Ink’s boyfriend- Johno. He is in the Air Force and is now station in Vegas! It was much harder on all of then we thought it was going to be.  His family and ours all had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings before he headed off to the airport.  Nick (one of Johno’s brother’s) challenged me to eat a blazen boneless wing. Of course, I had to take the challenge! It was the nastiest thing I have ever eaten. Yeah, it was hot but more off it was nasty!

I finally got back to my studio. I worked on some more postcards.

4 x 6 inches “sending some love”

Happy Hump day! Thanks for stopping in!


11 thoughts on “Send off…”

  1. Cute! Am I seeing lines under the paint job… so like notebook paper? Getting back to your studio sounds like a good thing!!!

  2. I just can’t tell you how I’ve missed drooling over your work. The texture the playful artistry, seriously inspirational. I gotta make sure I get my email updates all working again, man! ;o) Happy weekend!

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