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Recycled vases

I have been spending a lot of time out in nature on slow walks (still under Doctor’s orders). It clears my mind and helps center me. On Mother’s Day the guys asked me what I wanted to do..So I thought for a while an said go on a hike then fishing. So, they made me breakfast and got me coffee and then we all dressed in camo and set off! It was a great day!


We found lots of treasure on our hike. We found two bottles. We got them all cleaned up. This is what I did with them.


birdbottleblueGJS birdvaseGJS

I used a little burlap, brown paper bags, and Maya Road wooden birds (that I got from Genuinely Jane Studio) , tickets, artistcellar stencils (that I got from Genuinely Jane Studio), and some vintage flowers.


The simple things in life can make you so happy! Hope you enjoyed my vases.

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Every Inchie Monday- Mountain Peak

Happy Monday Everyone! You know what Monday brings…a new inchie with Every Inchie Monday. The theme this week is Mountain Peak.  When I think of seeing the Peaks of Mountains, I think of a quiet peacefully time.

I continue to use handmade papers and recycled items in my inches. The boys can’t wait to make more paper this weekend!



Thanks for stopping in to see my inchie! Hope you all have a great Monday and week! I will be back later this week with more work!



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CRUSADE No. 47- It’s a wrap

As, I read what Michelle was challenging us to do this month. I was like well- mmm all our wrapping paper has been recycled and gone. I do not use tags. Since, each person has a different wrapping paper and I am the only one that knows who has each wrapping paper until Christmas! This way no one can peek or guess what they have until Christmas!

So, I started brainstorming….I do have a little wrapping paper  on the roll from each of the kids. I had been a pretty good girl last year and I got a paper making kit for Christmas from the ink spots! SMILE!  I had no idea how this paper would turn out- wrapping paper is pretty thin. Plus, I am very new to paper making, but I gave it a go.

Here is the evidence: Each page is 8.5 x 5.5 inches

From here I got busy- I wanted to make them totally “green” using only recycled items. I used postage stamps, some of the ink spots homework, and some flowers that we dried from our family farm this summer.

I have two more to make – with Mr. Ink’s initial and the girl’s initial! Then Mr. Ink will make me a frame and we will hang them up in our front room! SMILE!

Thanks for the wonderful challenge, Michelle!


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Hey Arnold

One of things I got for Christmas was a paper making kit by Arnold Grummers.  When Chelsea and I went to Madison in November for the  Scrapbook and Stamping show we got to meet Arnold! I have to say it was the highlights of the show (at least for me). It is a local (Milwuakee, WI) business that is family owned and operated! A very very sweet family! So, I picked this kit up and had the boys wrap it up for me for Christmas! It has been super hard to wait to try it out!

Yesterday, we spent the day in the Dells at the water park. We do this every year and it is always a blast! So, first thing this am- we started making paper! We watched the 30 minute video that came with all the supplies to make your own paper! The boys were super jazzed to try it out! Our first sheet of paper did not turn out so well. Tell me what you think of the rest????

Here they all are

Green paper with leaves in it

Red paper

White paper

Rainbow paper

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for stopping in! Your comment warm my heart on these cold WI days!


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My Heart is in….

For the last 24 hours we have been under a Blizzard WARNING! Early this am we lost power for almost 4 hrs.  Mr. Ink had to get ready for work by flashlight! Poor guy!

My neighbors tree.

I have to admit it looks gorgeous, but not fun to be out in! I had to snow blow the driveway to get out to get one of the ink spots from a sleepover.  The roads are not get but not horrible either. It is very cold with the blowing of the wind though.

Today, we are having Christmas with some of my Family. I made my bows for the gifts using this tutorial . I used a book of old maps of San Diego that I got a couple years back when I was in San Diego. I guess my heart is in warmer place like CA today 🙂

The last thing I want to show you before I head off to celebrate with family is this plate I fused.

“keeping swimming”

Hope you are all happy and warm! Thanks for stopping in!


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Oh soda can…

As, I was reading the Fisk-a-teers blog ….I can across a tutorial on how to make a soda can pocket. I thought well that would be fun and it’s GREEN and we all know how I feel about that!

So, I set to work this am…when no one was awake ( boys school has still not started). This is what I came up with!

Fall is my favorite season and it is upon us. The leaves are starting to change colors here the temps are starting to drop a little.

I filled my little pocket with dried leaves and a flower the boys and I picked while on vacation at the family farm!

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Labor of love

Recycle Reduce Reuse….well this is something I believe in and try to do always! The book I finished today is all reused. The book text is made from these wonderful file folder envelopes I got while out junking for 25 cents. For the covers I used the cover from an old dictionary I got at the library in the FREE bin a while back. Cut it with a little saw. I did use Masa paper to cover them. I used a vintage button and some scrap leather to make the closure! Since the envelopes have an opening at the end of them. I left plenty of space to put stuff in the pockets! This book I will collect my husbands ( and some day boys) hunting stories and memories in. Since it was a MAN’s book, I used duct tape and manly stuff! LOL! The print on the paper was made from what bullets come packed in! The guys are pretty happy with it! So, that makes me happy!





This book is about 4 x 6 inches!

Happy Labor Day to all those in the USA! Thanks for popping in!




S&D #6

Woo Hoo…we are back with Sunflower and Dragonflies weekly challenges- This week the challenge is Monochromatic cards (using one color hue). This week the prize is Spellbinder’s Nestabilities Large Scallop Oval. I am sure you all are surprise I picked ORANGE for my color! WINK WINK


Supplies: min tin from Starbuck 2 x 3 inches tall- 1/2 inch wide, buttons, mini close pins, glitter, prisma markers, acrylic paints, cuttle bug flower die, Egyptian Door and Thinking of you is from Four Season ,and Popsicle sticks.

Check out what the other design team members did:




Remember all you need to do is post a direct link to your challenge project  (with a link back to the challenge) from either your blog or an online gallery on Beth’s blog no later than next Saturday afternoon.   If you upload to an online gallery, please use the keyword S&D6.

Have a wonderful weekend! We are enjoying some fall like temps 🙂

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Tick Tock

Tick Tock…Tick Tock….the summer is almost over 😦 My garden is finally producing some goodies!




Chicken pesto- made with homemade pesto-yummy

Next up, I changed my clock in my studio from green to blue! te he he It use to be in my kitchen!


Tick tock


Close up

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Do you need a 10 cent gift?

As some of my on-line gal pals and I were talking about how much stuff we have. I said, I really would not need to buy anything for the rest the year other than adhesive and white cardstock. I suggest we do a cardboard, chipboard, or coaster challenge.

This is what I came up with using coasters, chipboard, and a fork!


All stamps are from TAC


Then to display it I took a fork from the thrift store that I got for 10 cents and made a holder for it! This would be cute and fast to do as a little photo frame too! You take the outside fork prongs and bends them back and the middle two prongs you bend forward. Yes, it is that simple!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in!