Keeping warm

I have been so busy getting ready for the Holidays. Last weekend was Christmas with my family this week is Christmas with Mr. Ink’s family. That has keep away from some of my normal creativity! Just have to get over this hump and I will be all good! SMILE!

I have done some more fusing! This time a square plate that is 8 x 8

This is a gift for my MIL

Mr. Ink has a pretty large family- so the kids all draw names. Ben got Victoria and he got her an organic gift that he then wrapped in a brown paper bag that he painted using stuff out of the recycle bin and another bow out of a map. Keeping it GREEN! Then the ink spots made reindeer magnets out of walnuts to put on the gifts too!

Close up of the reindeer- a girl 🙂

Hope you are all having a good Holiday season! Next week is my baking week 🙂 Thanks for stopping in! Your comments warm my heart!


Fusing, GREEN

My Heart is in….

For the last 24 hours we have been under a Blizzard WARNING! Early this am we lost power for almost 4 hrs.  Mr. Ink had to get ready for work by flashlight! Poor guy!

My neighbors tree.

I have to admit it looks gorgeous, but not fun to be out in! I had to snow blow the driveway to get out to get one of the ink spots from a sleepover.  The roads are not get but not horrible either. It is very cold with the blowing of the wind though.

Today, we are having Christmas with some of my Family. I made my bows for the gifts using this tutorial . I used a book of old maps of San Diego that I got a couple years back when I was in San Diego. I guess my heart is in warmer place like CA today 🙂

The last thing I want to show you before I head off to celebrate with family is this plate I fused.

“keeping swimming”

Hope you are all happy and warm! Thanks for stopping in!



Hot Tamale

Things are really heating up around here! LOL! Nope the temperatures here in WI are not HOT! But the kiln work is. SMILE! I took a class in the big city on class fusing.

This is my first project…a weaved striped bowl.

As it turns out you can rent a small kiln from the shop. So, I gave it a go- rented it got all the details on how to work it.

Here is my first piece that I fused and slumped. I know it is not so pretty or perfect but man oh man did I feel accomplished!

What is inside my little dish? A clay pendant I made 🙂

Here it is close up:

Tomorrow,  I will show you some of the fused pendants the boys and I have been making!

Thanks so very much for stopping in! !Your comments mean the world to me!