Hot Tamale

Things are really heating up around here! LOL! Nope the temperatures here in WI are not HOT! But the kiln work is. SMILE! I took a class in the big city on class fusing.

This is my first project…a weaved striped bowl.

As it turns out you can rent a small kiln from the shop. So, I gave it a go- rented it got all the details on how to work it.

Here is my first piece that I fused and slumped. I know it is not so pretty or perfect but man oh man did I feel accomplished!

What is inside my little dish? A clay pendant I made 🙂

Here it is close up:

Tomorrow,  I will show you some of the fused pendants the boys and I have been making!

Thanks so very much for stopping in! !Your comments mean the world to me!


7 thoughts on “Hot Tamale”

  1. Holy catfish, your glass work is sooooooooo unique and beautiful. I love to see all the mediums you like to work in.



  2. that! is very cool! it’s so interesting to see all the different mediums out there. love it!

  3. WOW-what fun!! I love to take classes and learn new things 🙂 Your glass fusion is BEAUTIFUL! Love your pendant K!

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