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My Heart is in….

For the last 24 hours we have been under a Blizzard WARNING! Early this am we lost power for almost 4 hrs.  Mr. Ink had to get ready for work by flashlight! Poor guy!

My neighbors tree.

I have to admit it looks gorgeous, but not fun to be out in! I had to snow blow the driveway to get out to get one of the ink spots from a sleepover.  The roads are not get but not horrible either. It is very cold with the blowing of the wind though.

Today, we are having Christmas with some of my Family. I made my bows for the gifts using this tutorial . I used a book of old maps of San Diego that I got a couple years back when I was in San Diego. I guess my heart is in warmer place like CA today 🙂

The last thing I want to show you before I head off to celebrate with family is this plate I fused.

“keeping swimming”

Hope you are all happy and warm! Thanks for stopping in!


2 thoughts on “My Heart is in….”

  1. Oh my word thats a lot of snow!! Or atleast a lot more than what we’ve got here. Hugs my friend. Stay warm.

  2. Your bow is awesome. I love the papers you used. You rock GF! Good gracious your fused glass is out of this world amazing. Keep them coming!

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