Every Inchie Monday, GREEN

Every Inchie Monday- Mountain Peak

Happy Monday Everyone! You know what Monday brings…a new inchie with Every Inchie Monday. The theme this week is Mountain Peak.  When I think of seeing the Peaks of Mountains, I think of a quiet peacefully time.

I continue to use handmade papers and recycled items in my inches. The boys can’t wait to make more paper this weekend!



Thanks for stopping in to see my inchie! Hope you all have a great Monday and week! I will be back later this week with more work!



Collage, Every Inchie Monday

Every Inchie Monday – Map plus

Hello everyone…. Sorry I have been MIA lately. Lots going on in my personal life, ugh! Last week,  I had surgery and was in the hospital. I am out and doing okay, but really sore. No, house work or lifting over 6 lbs for 7 weeks. So, I am going to be working HARD on resting and working in my studio.

Today, I got caught up on Every Inchie Monday. I truly love doing them .

So, the theme this week is Map



Here are the other ones I missed- glasses, footstep, wave

EMI_glasses EIM-Footstep EMI-WAVE


Thanks for stopping in to take a peek at my inches 🙂 Have a great night!



Every Inchie Monday, Photography

Everyday Inchies

Oh my heavens, has life been busy and overwhelming! I am finally getting caught up on projects. One of those projects is Every Day Inchie Monday. I WAS 3 behind, YIKES.

First up ruin-






Then this weeks inchie Broom



Please hang with me…I promise to be better about posting 🙂



Thanks so much for visiting! See you soon!



Collage, Every Inchie Monday

Inchie Hut

Good Monday Morning everyone! Hope your week was good! This week the theme at Every Inchie Monday is HUT. I was stumped, I thought and thought…..as my wheels started to turn all I could think was “hut hut hike”! No, I am not a hard core football fan. I will sit done with my hubby and watch the Green Bay Packers play though.

Here is my inchie-



All decked out in Green and Gold! LOL! I used handmade paper once again, a brown bag to make the football. I also did a little hand stitching too!



Some more views with some friends *wink*wink*!

Thanks so much for stopping in to check out my work! Hope you all have a wonderful week!



Every Inchie Monday

Inchie Stone

Here we are week 4 of Every Inchie Monday. The theme this week is stone. I went outside the box on this one a little bit, so you are going to have to follow me on it.



“Fix my broken heart of stone.” I did attempt to make some flake stone that the heart is sitting in. Again using homemade paper, a small piece of leather from an old jacket, and text from and old book. Using as many recycled materials as possible! Keeping it “green” my friends!

Thanks so much for stopping in to check out my work. Have a great day!



Every Inchie Monday, Origami Owl


Happy Monday everyone! I love that I start each Monday with making an inchie for Every Inchie Monday! They are so fun and (shhhh)  a little addictive 🙂 I am always using recycled (homemade paper) in each and every inchie. Text from old books and stuff from junk mail.

This weeks theme is girl.



Today, I am thinking of a special girl. Cheryl Waters as she under goes surgery for her breast cancer today. Girl, I am praying for you! I know you are a strong girl and faith and love will get you though this! xox



The Origami Owl locket, I am wearing today in honor of Cheryl!

Thanks for stopping in today! Have a great day!



Every Inchie Monday

Inchie Star

Week two of Every Inchie Monday! This week the theme is star.

This week,  I used handmade paper as my base and added stars made out of stamps and some stars with paint. I just love working on these small little works of art. I can’t wait to have a whole little collection. JOIN in the fun!




Make sure to stop back in tomorrow. I will be showing you my 365 photos for the past week and I have some BIG news to share!

Have a wonderful day. Remember to Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce. Thanks so much for stopping in 🙂



Collage, Every Inchie Monday

Inchie Night

New Year new challenges, right? Well, it’s no secret I like to work little.  So when Tracey showed me this blog- Every Inchie Monday. I knew I had to do it! Check it out, Join in the FUN!

The theme this week is Night.



I am going to be doing collages using recycled materials each week!

Thanks for stopping in 🙂 Enjoy your day!