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Every Inchie Monday – Map plus

Hello everyone…. Sorry I have been MIA lately. Lots going on in my personal life, ugh! Last week,  I had surgery and was in the hospital. I am out and doing okay, but really sore. No, house work or lifting over 6 lbs for 7 weeks. So, I am going to be working HARD on resting and working in my studio.

Today, I got caught up on Every Inchie Monday. I truly love doing them .

So, the theme this week is Map



Here are the other ones I missed- glasses, footstep, wave

EMI_glasses EIM-Footstep EMI-WAVE


Thanks for stopping in to take a peek at my inches 🙂 Have a great night!



7 thoughts on “Every Inchie Monday – Map plus”

  1. I like all four of these. I was going to say which one I liked best but they are all excellent.

  2. I like all your inchies. The one with the glasses is quite scaring.

  3. oh my gosh ..what excellent inchie ART!
    Do you know what a MOO is?
    Susi from Austria

    Happy Easter

  4. Fabulous work. Love the “throwing up their heels” phrase. You always come up with unique phrases. I’m terrible at it. Hope you feel better soon.

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