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Every Inchie Monday – Map plus

Hello everyone…. Sorry I have been MIA lately. Lots going on in my personal life, ugh! Last week,  I had surgery and was in the hospital. I am out and doing okay, but really sore. No, house work or lifting over 6 lbs for 7 weeks. So, I am going to be working HARD on resting and working in my studio.

Today, I got caught up on Every Inchie Monday. I truly love doing them .

So, the theme this week is Map



Here are the other ones I missed- glasses, footstep, wave

EMI_glasses EIM-Footstep EMI-WAVE


Thanks for stopping in to take a peek at my inches 🙂 Have a great night!



7 thoughts on “Every Inchie Monday – Map plus”

  1. Fabulous work. Love the “throwing up their heels” phrase. You always come up with unique phrases. I’m terrible at it. Hope you feel better soon.

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