Today, I am going to talk about something, I have always been interested in ….Zentangles. I have always doodled in this style. It is very relaxing.  I saw this book One Zentangle A Day: a 6 week course and thought it would be fun for the boys and I. So, I order it and this zentangle pen set.

Here is the snap shots of what we have done so far:







day1zentanglewm day2zentanglewm





We have a great time with this new book. I would highly recommend this book.

Thanks for stopping in to see what I am working on! Have a great Friday!



5 thoughts on “Zentangle”

  1. How awesome that the boys are sharing this with you, K! I was wondering about the “zen” aspect, though… is it relaxing or do you think that will come in time?

  2. OMGoodness those are awesome Kim! Love it. May have to order that book for Tori, she loves to draw.

  3. Your family is a natural at this. I tried my hand at Zentangles about five years ago, but with the meds I’m on now my hands shake too much. There are lots of good websites out there.

  4. I was recently introduced to Zentangle. I really love it and find it so relaxing and fun. Yours are all nice – I especially like day 2. I am guessing your boys like it as well.

  5. Zentangle makes me smile. I loved when you and I did this at CHA

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