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Art Journal Page

The last couple of days, I’ve been working on a art journal page in the same Alena Hennessy style. I’m a planner, plan and simple. So, this style of just paint from the heart and it will come I thought would be really hard for me. Turns out I was wrong. I enjoy the process so much more.

LBfacecloseupweek8 LBgirlcloseupweek8 LBheartcloseupweek8 LBweek8


I have learned a lot of things with this journal page. Plus, it just felt good!

Next thing, I will be posting is my Bead Journal Project….almost finished with it!

Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy your Friday!



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Peaceful Heart

A little Love….

Handmade paper, woven handmade paper heart, paints, ebony pencils, dyno tape, hand stitching, vintage postcard, dried flower, staples, bingo piece

We are in a deep freeze right now. It is has been below zero for two days. I feel for the poor little birdies. Here are a couple photos from my bird feeder.

The poor things has ice on its wings. Stay warm my friend!

Thank you all for your sweet comments. After some meditation my head is starting to clear 🙂


Collage, Handmade Paper


This week has been crazy! I am getting ready for a big event tomorrow and my ink spots have been sick! So, I will do my project life journal on Sunday before or after the big game! Go Packers GO!!!!

One of things, I have been working on this week is this collage 5 x 7 inches. Framed in an 11 x 14 frame! The paper is handmade and the photo is of some flowers in the field at the farm!

Hope all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping in 🙂 Your comments melt my heart which is GOOD since it is -15 degrees today! BRRRRR


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CRUSADE No. 47- It’s a wrap

As, I read what Michelle was challenging us to do this month. I was like well- mmm all our wrapping paper has been recycled and gone. I do not use tags. Since, each person has a different wrapping paper and I am the only one that knows who has each wrapping paper until Christmas! This way no one can peek or guess what they have until Christmas!

So, I started brainstorming….I do have a little wrapping paper  on the roll from each of the kids. I had been a pretty good girl last year and I got a paper making kit for Christmas from the ink spots! SMILE!  I had no idea how this paper would turn out- wrapping paper is pretty thin. Plus, I am very new to paper making, but I gave it a go.

Here is the evidence: Each page is 8.5 x 5.5 inches

From here I got busy- I wanted to make them totally “green” using only recycled items. I used postage stamps, some of the ink spots homework, and some flowers that we dried from our family farm this summer.

I have two more to make – with Mr. Ink’s initial and the girl’s initial! Then Mr. Ink will make me a frame and we will hang them up in our front room! SMILE!

Thanks for the wonderful challenge, Michelle!


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Hey Arnold

One of things I got for Christmas was a paper making kit by Arnold Grummers.  When Chelsea and I went to Madison in November for the  Scrapbook and Stamping show we got to meet Arnold! I have to say it was the highlights of the show (at least for me). It is a local (Milwuakee, WI) business that is family owned and operated! A very very sweet family! So, I picked this kit up and had the boys wrap it up for me for Christmas! It has been super hard to wait to try it out!

Yesterday, we spent the day in the Dells at the water park. We do this every year and it is always a blast! So, first thing this am- we started making paper! We watched the 30 minute video that came with all the supplies to make your own paper! The boys were super jazzed to try it out! Our first sheet of paper did not turn out so well. Tell me what you think of the rest????

Here they all are

Green paper with leaves in it

Red paper

White paper

Rainbow paper

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for stopping in! Your comment warm my heart on these cold WI days!