Book Binding, GREEN

Labor of love

Recycle Reduce Reuse….well this is something I believe in and try to do always! The book I finished today is all reused. The book text is made from these wonderful file folder envelopes I got while out junking for 25 cents. For the covers I used the cover from an old dictionary I got at the library in the FREE bin a while back. Cut it with a little saw. I did use Masa paper to cover them. I used a vintage button and some scrap leather to make the closure! Since the envelopes have an opening at the end of them. I left plenty of space to put stuff in the pockets! This book I will collect my husbands ( and some day boys) hunting stories and memories in. Since it was a MAN’s book, I used duct tape and manly stuff! LOL! The print on the paper was made from what bullets come packed in! The guys are pretty happy with it! So, that makes me happy!





This book is about 4 x 6 inches!

Happy Labor Day to all those in the USA! Thanks for popping in!



6 thoughts on “Labor of love”

  1. Wow you are good at making those!!! It’s labor day in Canada too 🙂 Happy holiday to you!

  2. WOW Kim this is totally over the top I love it and the recycling just adds to the charm your husband will love it and so will the boys.

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