Moving along…

Moving Moving Moving….We have been busy little bees the last two nights! Today, I believe we are busting a move up-north for the day! Yesterday we did a lot of  thrifting, gardening, and the to the Jet’s Hockey game (They are a brand new minor league hockey team for my home town)! BTW- Jets won 5-3 WOO HOO!

Before we got started with the day, I finished the second jounral I started the other day! I must get some wider book binding tape- I was pretty happy with this book other than the ribbon does not match up perfectly *sigh*


5 x7- “red as scarlet”

Then I took a little time to work in my first book I made. This book “Remembrance”. Is going to be all about my thoughts and feels on my grandparents. I have been working on some Genealogy on my family! 3 of  my Gram’s sisters are still alive- I have never meet them. Two of them live in my town! So, yeah I am excited!


Supplies: Watercolors, black sharpie, and gel pens!

We played a little 8 second madness this am. I am wild about games. I have a big collect- sometimes they are to play other times I use the pieces in my art.  Yesterday, I scored two other games along with 8 second madness. I got a vintage cardinal wood cribbage board and connections. All to play!


8 second madness is a game that you fling your cowboy off the bull into little baskets. Each basket has a different amount of time.  The one to score the most amount of  time wins! Super duper fun!

Thanks for checking in on me! I am off to hopefully finish book number 3 that will be totally “GREEN” other than the Masa paper (I am in love with this paper) *SWOON* I got file folder envelopes yesterday (50) of them for 25cents! So, I made a text block out of them some of them! I am going to use an old book cover for the cover! Wish me luck!

Have a Spectacular Sunday!



6 thoughts on “Moving along…”

  1. There’s so much to view and read, and I feel like I only have 8 seconds to type and I’m already out of breath!!!!! Oh what a fun day. Variety is the spice of life, doing a little of this, alot of that!!! love your binding, scarlet… although YOU say the red ribbon doesn’t match, it is a VERY close contrast and nobody would have noticed if you didn’t mention it!!

    Go meet your grandma’s sisters!!! How cool is that….I don’t think either of my grandma’s had sisters (… my paternal grandmother emigrated on a ship from Germany in 1928 and died in 1947… so I never got to meet her.) What a cool thing for you to have Grandma’s as an adult!!

  2. I love this style of journaling. I know you have lots of questions about your family, and how much you visit your grandmother. She’s watching down from heaven, proud that her little K is intrigued about her past, wanting to know more.

  3. another awesome journal love the color and looks like you and your family have so much fun good luck with the genealogy

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