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Braving the Elements No. 36

I was very excited to get started on this months Crusade. Since, Michelle told us we had to do it in 60 minutes. Which is pretty much great  for me since I only have 90 minutes between picking up and dropping off boys for school each day!  As, I started working on this challenge I thought about how I could tie this into my own goals as well! One thing I want to do more this year is be better about sending mail art. I am in love with postcards.  Yesterday, Miss College Ink was over for some play time in the studio while her air force man was out ice fishing! We started reading some of the vintage postcards I have collected! Our favorite postcard was someone telling their family/friend they are now engaged! LOL!  Okay, sorry I am off track here…so instead of 2 page journal spread…I cut my pages into postcards (6) and then instead of snowflakes I did hearts snowflake style!

I used a postcard stamp on the back even 😉

I am off to the Post Office today to stock up on postcard stamps! Thanks so much for stopping in! Enjoy the elements 🙂 We are getting a snow storm today so I really will be braving the elements!


20 thoughts on “Braving the Elements No. 36”

  1. kim- great idea to make postcards! cool heart cut-outs! bravo for braving the elements and making cool mail art!! thanks for sharing your ideas with the team!

  2. Purple and reds and buffs, very nice! I cut hearts, too. Thinking about V-Day already!
    Great plan, doing more mail art. It’s always fun and rewarding, and a great way to PLAY.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ooooh, I can see your magical paper made into envelopes. Very cute…. 1-1/2 hours, creative time… it!

  4. Kim these are wonderful post cards what a wonderful way for you to share your art.

  5. Great postcards. They will certainly bring a smile to some one’s face.

  6. WOW, you’re combining so many of my favourite things here – hearts, scallops around the edges, mail art… I feel a little giddy looking at these! Nice job!

  7. Could idea to make postcards! I didn’t make it wthin an hour. I always loose track of time and with all the snow it is nice to have something to do inside.

  8. Hello Kim,

    your postcards look great ! The cutouts of the hearts are really, really clever.
    I’m into an “in love” swap and I will use Michelles ideas for the background and yours for the hearts !
    thanks for the inspiration !

    greetings from Belgium

  9. WOW! As always your work is fantastic and inspirational! I love the idea of postcards! …and the use of the heart cut flakes. Know that you have inspired me to look at the challenge and open up my gesso…thanks my friend for sharing!

  10. So cool, Kim ! I love the heart in snowflake style – so pretty. Enjoy your snail mail adventures !
    Cheers !

  11. What a great idea! I like the hearts and the Valentine look of all these.

  12. What great postcards. Love the hearts and the colors you’ve used. You said you’e going to the Post Office for more postcard stamps. Is that a rubber stamp? If it is, I am soooo jealous.

  13. HEART FLAKES HEART FLAKES…LOVE this mail art, Kim! Three cheers for heart flakes!

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